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Nala born at 24 weeks

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user1465664930 Sat 11-Jun-16 18:16:50

Hi everyone.

Hope some people will remember me. I posted back in March as my waters had broke at 23 weeks and I went in to labour at 24 weeks. This was 11 weeks ago and now have a beautiful little girl who is doing amazing even though we are still in nicu. Just thought I would post an update so people (especially those facing this situation) can know that there is hope as when my waters broke I really thought it was game over for her and was told by doctors she wouldn't be able to be resuscitated if born at that stage. Before she was born at 24 weeks I had a growth scan which estimated her the same size as a 19 week baby. I was so scared as if this was correct she wouldn't have lived but obviously was wrong as she was born 1lbs 5oz.

She is now 3lbs 9oz. She hasn't encountered any major set backs yet and fingers crossed she won't. She is just tiny. She does have a pda in her heart but it's being treated with medication. She is on low flow oxygen and on the minimum amount they can be on she has very good lungs. We are out of intensive care and in the nursery now and she's taking all feeds by bottles.


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