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my birth stories

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HarrysMummy17 Sun 24-Apr-16 08:29:43

I haven't posted here for a while but I just wanted to add my story!

In March 2013 I gave birth to ds1. I was 32weeks and 4 days.

I started having contractions at 17.05. My waters broke on the toilet at 17.30 and I delivered ds in my bedroom before the paramedics arrived at 17.50!

Very quick labour without much time to think!!

On Thursday ds2 was born. I was 36 weeks and 3 days.

I'd had very mild cramping since lunch time. I thought I needed the toilet. Had a busy day. Did a tesco shop. Took ds for lunch and then had promised him we could go to the beach so we spent a couple of hours at the beach, walking, padding and throwing stones!

I realised the cramps were coming and going about 20 minutes apart so pulled ds out of the sea ( much to his disgust) and went home. Called dp on the way.

At home called the hospital at just after 5 to be told to have pain killers and take a bath.

Do came home. I say with the contraction counts app whilst he bathed ds.

The cramps were very regular about 3 minutes apart but not painful.

I called my mum to tell her we might need her.

At around 7.30 the pain intensified very quickly. I shouted dp to get ds out of the bath. I headed for the bedroom where my waters broke. I was still wearing jeans and trainers!

Dp had to then help me strip off quickly whilst calling 999 and getting a hysterical 3yo into pyjamas!

I knelt on the bedroom floor trying my best to stay calm with the paramedic on loud speaker whilst ds dealt with ds.

I felt the baby coming so shouted do who unfortunately had to shut ds out of the bedroom crying whilst he laid me in the bed snd with 3 big pushes delivered Ds2.

Ds2 arrived at 7.45pm.

Luckily the paramedics arrived s few minutes later!

We were taken into hospital and let home the following evening!

I just wanted to share my story of my 2 wee boys that could wait to meet the world and we're both born in the same place on my bed!! smile

ButtonTum Sun 24-Apr-16 08:50:07

Wow that's amazing! I guess you're lucky you had such quick and uncomplicated births with both of them. Congratulations! X

Malibubaby32 Mon 25-Apr-16 21:40:30

Wow!! That's amazing!! Congratulations xxx

I wish my births were like that, you come across as being so calm lol, well done you smile

2x premmies 25 weeks+2 & 29 weeks+6 and 1 full term @39 weeks

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