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Is there anyone with experiences with having 3+ babies and preemies? would like to hear experiences please

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Annabrooke90 Sun 27-Mar-16 13:25:17

Hi, basically I am currently expecting my 5th child. I have four boys this one is a little girl. My children have all been born quite different times. First was induced at almost 42 weeks, second was born at 40+5 spontaneous, 3Rd was born at 38 weeks and my 4th was born at 34 weeks also spontaneous. However one thing my last three babies all shared in common was the five week period of slow labour and knowing my body was getting ready. With my last baby who was born preterm I began to lose my bloody show at 29 weeks...bits every few days would come away followed by every few days of regular painful contractions that would stop and start quite alot. The hospital dismissed this as just been pains from having a fourth child and not preterm labour. Anyway I fell pregnant when my 4th was only 8 months old so quite a small time after. But already I am worrying and almost certain that this baby will be early too (just feel like I know my body) I'm only 16 weeks and already getting days of really bad tightenings and period pain in my back. I've still not been referred to see a consultant yet so I'm not sure if there is any plan of action or anything. Is there anyone that has had a few babies ane then a prem and gone on a short period later to have a perfectly normal delivery? I guess I'm just convinced my body has given up on me now, my third started with the bloody show etc at 33 week so I know it does start to change quite early and take its time usually.

Sorry if this is long and rambly.

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