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Transitional care

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pinkie1982 Fri 05-Jun-15 22:51:42

Has anyone stayed on a transitional care ward? I was discharged yesterday and baby is in nicu, coming out of the incubator and into a hot cot tonight grin
I can admit myself to the ward to look after him until he is big enough to come home.
I am in a lot of pain and am going to see how I am after the weekend to make a decision. I don't want to commit to it when I'm feeling so rough and think I need to recuperate for a few days before deciding. I want to look after him myself but am still in a lot of pain and sleep deprived at the moment. I know I need to look after myself too

Stanthemann01 Sat 06-Jun-15 00:47:45

Hi pinkie
I was on a transitional care ward for 17 days at the beginning of May. The staff are amazing! Ds is my first and was born at 35 weeks. The first week on the ward I felt like I was being looked after too - no cooking, cleaning, lots of time in bed! The second week, once I felt better, it was a lot harder. Ds had weight and temperature issues which caused me loads if worry and cabin fever set in. I don't know if all transitional care wards are the same, but staff encouraged us to get off the ward at least once a day which helped. The best thing for me, aside from lovely staff, was all the help I got toget breastfeeding established.
Hope you feel better soon and your baby isn't in for too long.

Willdoitinaminute Wed 17-Jun-15 22:02:43

I had elective section at 36 was and spent 10 days in transitional care with DS. Visiting is very limited, apart from DH and you are able to rest and have fantastic support from the midwives. By the time we were discharged I was well rested, FB was established and I had got into a routine with DH. Having that precious time alone with DH where I didn't have to entertain visitors or share DH was fantastic.
DH and I were encouraged to leave ward for an hour or two. We would go to the hospital restaurant and have meal together ( the food was infinitely better than patient food). Since I had been in hospital for 4 weeks before DH arrived it allowed us to rebond.

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