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Vitamins for 34 weeker

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bumb1ebeesknees Wed 25-Mar-15 07:46:52

My baby born at 34 weeks wasn't prescribed any vitamin supplements, however some of the friends I made in the NNU have told me that it is guidelines now for babies to have vitamins. Their babies were born a few weeks earlier. this why we don't have them?

My baby is approaching six months actual now and is ebf. I'm wondering whether now I should be starting vitamins?

Eyre89 Wed 25-Mar-15 07:51:56

Hi my DS was born at 35 weeks. We weren't prescribed vitamins but we're advised to give them. We just bought pregnecare ones and have given them. It was the HV who told us all babies prem or not should have them. She said it was more necessary with bf babies as formula has the vitamins in?? This is all just what my HV told me though.

dementedpixie Wed 25-Mar-15 08:26:29

I don't know about prem babies but it is recommended that all babies from 6 months to age 5 should be supplemented with vitamins A, C and D (unless they are having more than 500mls of formula per day)

minipie Sat 28-Mar-15 15:30:10

Hi, my DD was born at 34 weeks in 2012 and wasn't prescribed or advised to have vitamins as the hospital's policy was only to give them to under 34 weekers. I don't know if this has changed since but if not then it might explain the difference between you and your NICU friends?

All babies whether prem or not should have vitamins from 6 months - FF babies get it from the formula but BF babies need a supplement. I gave DD the Wellkid one, mixed into her porridge.

Also a HV just told me that if you are EBF then you should take a supplement containing Vit D from birth to 6 months so that your baby gets enough vit D.

zebrapig Sun 29-Mar-15 12:01:10

My 35 weeker was prescribed daily vitamins from 2 weeks, weekly folic acid from 2 weeks and something else daily from 4 weeks. All to be taken until she is one. I'm not sure why the advice seems to vary and TBH it's a bit of a pain to remember them all the time. She is FF as well.

Cleanbean Sun 29-Mar-15 12:03:15

My 32 weeker was prescribed vitamins and an iron supplement for the first year.

Nothingtodowithme Wed 24-Jun-15 12:47:58

My 33 weeker had Dalivit, Folic Acid and Iron. He's nearly 2 now and I still give the Dalivit, but the others stopped not long after weaning to solids, if I recall correctly.

DayLillie Wed 24-Jun-15 12:53:35

My 35 week babies were given Abidec and iron on the insistence of the nurses, after the consultant said they were fine without them confused. No one could explain to me what they were for.
So I didn't give them.

I made sure I had a good diet whilst feeding them and that they had a good, varied diet with plenty vitamins and minerals etc in it.

They are 21yr and very healthy, although I keep having to tell them to get out more (probably got computer-induced vitd deficiency).

Justonemoretime Wed 08-Jul-15 04:18:02

Hi, my lo was born at 33.6 and is now 8 weeks old. He's been prescribed multi vits (dalivit) and iron. I don't mind this in principle, but I'm finding it makes him smell funny. I miss his lovely baby smell. Obvs his health is much more important, but I'm wondering whether anyone else noticed this side effect? Thanks.

pinkie1982 Sat 15-Aug-15 15:10:23

Mine was born at 34+1 and is on folic acid until 6w past due and multi vitamins Abidec for two years past due.

SnozzberryPie Sat 15-Aug-15 15:20:47

Mine was prescribed dalivit and iron, I stopped the iron when she was about one but still give the dalivit now at 2.5 when I remember

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