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Is this reflux or colic?

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Beetleandbug Tue 04-Nov-14 00:42:16

My 34 weeker, now 3.5 weeks old seems to be struggling with some digestive issues.

He strains and grunts a lot between feeds, going bright red in the face and seeming to squeal in pain and more recently, crying as he strains.

Also tonight he can't settle on his back and keeps crying when I try and put him down after feeding.

Is there anything I can do to try and help him?

Poppet45 Wed 05-Nov-14 07:38:26

Sounds like reflux - prems get it alot. Dont know if hes ff or bf but one of the biigest causes is cows milk protein intolerance so removing cows milk from dcs diet can really help. If bfing it means you have to go dairy (and in many cases soya free) if ff you need a hypoallergenic formula. Unfortunately a prem one doesnt exist - you may have to wait til baby is six months then swap over.

Beetleandbug Wed 05-Nov-14 10:19:34

Thanks Poppet. We're breastfeeding and I am already mostly dairy free, I just don't always check things like biscuits or cake but perhaps I'll have to be stricter.
I have been using infacol the last few days in case it was colic and the straining does seem better and no repeat of the crying fits from the other night.
He does still posset occasionally and spill a little now and then after feeds. If this continues I'll go to the gp to see if reflux is to blame.

minipie Wed 05-Nov-14 21:16:38

Also worth getting him checked for tongue tie (ideally by a qualified breastfeeding counsellor as nurses/doctors don't always know what to look for) - my 34 weeker had bad wind and squirmed in discomfort a lot, and I assumed it was reflux but in fact was tongue tie (much easier to fix).

especially worth checking if you have any other tongue tie signs - eg if he falls off the nipple and has to be relatched, or if your nipples are flattened or white at the tips after feeds, or if he makes clicking sounds when feeding.

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