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Ttc 2nd baby after premature labour

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Wishingformorethanone Mon 20-Oct-14 12:47:19

I had my daughter at 32+4, 2.5 years ago. She weighed 4lb, was breathing on her own from the minute she entered the world and was only in nicu/scbu for 3 weeks.
Dh and I would love for her to have a brother/sister but I am just so frightened at the prospect of it happening again.
The labour itself was so quick and obviously unexpected. My waters had been going slowly, although not to my knowledge, for the 24 hours before hand. When I eventually went to hospital, after a morning at work blush, they were certain I wasn't in labour but waters had gone and I was to be monitored and on bed rest. My labour progressed rapidly and I had to beg them to examine me 3 hours later due to the pain - by which time I was already 8cm dilated.
I worry about when I should be going on maternity leave, what will happen with dd during the endless weeks in nicu, how does it affect your other children, will the new baby be even earlier??
Of course, it may not happen again. I am definitely a control freak and I hate the thought of the unknown, I know I really can't do anything about it though. I suppose - what will be, will be.
Any similar experiences will be gratefully received.

plentyofshoes Mon 20-Oct-14 13:26:57

I am rare in that both mine came at 33 weeks. I did however go into labour at 26 weeks second time but it was delayed with a trial drug, thankfully.
Go and request a referal to talk to a consultant before pregnancy. They told me I was low risk though.... It was my cervix which may have been the issue, but they refused to measure it during my second pregnancy and they should have done.
All is fine and second time was easier but it very nearly went wrong. I was the same as you, but all pregnancies are a risk and nobody knows what will happen. Most do not end up like mine though!

WhatKatyDidnt Mon 20-Oct-14 13:32:39

Hello OP. Do you know what the cause of prem labour was? There may be things you/the docs can do to minimise the risk next time round.

My DD was born early due to preeclampsia. Am thinking about number 2 so I asked my GP for a referral to an obstetrician for a pre-conception consultation. I now feel happy that a plan is in place to help me get closer to term next time.

TeaandHobnobs Mon 20-Oct-14 13:55:46

You can ask to review your notes with a consultant, as plenty says.

My DS was born at 31+5, also 2.5 years ago. Labour was triggered by 3 weeks of unexplained significant bleeding. I had a postnatal review with a consultant at 8 weeks or so pp, because I was struggling to come to terms with what had happened (I also had counselling because I was suffering flashbacks and feeling very distraught). They couldn't find an obvious cause for the bleeding, but the theory is some sort of placental abruption. They felt it was probably just an anomaly and wouldn't necessarily happen again, but they advised that next time, they would see me early on to discuss what course of action to take, and send me for an additional scan to check placental blood flow.

Fast forward to now, I am 19 weeks with DC2. I am not at the same hospital, sadly, but I have been placed under shared care, so I have a consultant who has reviewed my notes from my first pregnancy, and is taking the exact same course of action as I was told would happen. I can't deny there is a part of me that is very very nervous as things progress, but I do feel I will be taken good care of no matter what.

There is a preterm clinic at St Thomas' in London which I believe any HCP can refer you to - but I assume this is done once you are already pregnant. They monitor weekly or fortnightly for any signs of threatened premature labour. My friend has been under this clinic twice - first baby arrived at 24+5 (also now 2.5 and doing amazingly), second baby arrived this summer at 34 weeks.

Good luck wishing - I hope you get some good advice which can help put your mind at ease thanks

Wishingformorethanone Mon 20-Oct-14 14:31:47

Thanks all.
Seems the most sensible thing to do is go back to see my gp and request a referral. I was surprised it wasn't mentioned at all at my implant removal/pre-pregnancy appt. it was just the usual vitamins, folic acid, eat a balanced diet jargon, even though she knew my history.
Looking through my discharge notes, plenty, it looks as though I had an infection although this wasn't confirmed. My original bloods were lost and my waters went 24 hours before I went to hospital, so the high count could've been due to that or an infection which may have been already present.
I had a mc 3 months prior to conceiving dd. I had bleeds at 6 and 8 weeks pregnant with dd. Could this have any relevance?
Also the terrifying prospect of having retained products as I did with both of those pregnancies.
The more I go over it, the more I think the hospital was incompetent. Maybe that's worth a thought for next time too.

WhatKatyDidnt Mon 20-Oct-14 14:37:23

If you have doubts about the quality of care at your usual hospital, don't forget you can ask to be referred to anywhere you choose. I asked to see a consultant at the hosp where DD was born - it isn't my local but it has leading specialists and a level 3 NICU in case we need it again.

Good luck OP flowers

minipie Mon 27-Oct-14 18:12:35

Hi OP. My story is rather similar to yours: my waters went at 33+6 with DD, contractions began shortly after, and she was born a few hours later. DD was nearly 5lb, spent 3.5 weeks in SBCU, she is now 2.

I am now pregnant with DC2 and nervous!

I've had a meeting with the consultant who went through my notes and was able to (pretty much) rule out various causes. Probably not a cervix problem as cervix closed when I arrived at hospital. Probably not a uterus problem (eg irritable uterus or oddly shaped uterus) because waters went first before contractions started, also uterus normal on scans. Not a growth/placenta issue as placenta looked ok and her weight was average for gestation. No signs of pre eclampsia etc.

He said the most likely thing is an infection which got in through the cervix and weakened the amniotic sac. I was swabbed when I came in and was negative for infections, but they only test for the nasty ones and he said it could be a harmless everyday bug (not tested for) that nonetheless caused the sac to weaken and break.

This was quite reassuring for me as it seemed to rule out the causes of prem birth which are most likely to recur (eg cervix and uterus issues). He said that if it was an infection, that is "just one of those things" that can happen to anyone and is no more likely to happen to me next time than to anyone else.

Sounds like all the same could apply to you? Anyway, I'd suggest you ask for the consultant appointment to go through the same possibilities and see if any can be ruled out. Might set your mind at rest a bit hopefully...

Mumofprem Tue 18-Nov-14 21:19:39

Hi we are just starting our journey trying to conceive a 2nd baby after our first was born at 34 weeks 4 years ago. I'm terrified!

capecath Fri 02-Jan-15 21:31:33

Hey there, we had DS1 at 33+5 after an abruption. DS2 went full term and was induced at term due to placenta issues with DS1, was under consultant care, had extra scans, but no issues at all. Currently pregnant with DS3, have low placenta, 2 bleeds so far, 29+4, starting to get concerned....

Happylass1 Wed 07-Jan-15 23:50:34

Hi all, great thread. I had my ds at 31 weeks and newly preggers on no. 2. Did you all finish up work sooner on the pregnancy after prem birth?

Annbag Thu 08-Jan-15 14:06:20

Hi all, I had DS at 36 weeks after placenta praevia. Discussing TTC number 2 as we always wanted a small age gap - not sure if this is daft or not but getting officially 'old' so don't want to put it off ages. A mixture of terrified vs broody!

CrispyFern Thu 08-Jan-15 14:17:20

Completely normal worries. It is a big decision to do it again when you've been through SCBU etc. once, of course you will worry next time.

I've had two prem babies, the whole thing wasn't as scary to me the second time, because it was all more familiar (I have heard people say it was more scary for them the second time but it wasn't for me) but it did really affect my firstborn, for me to be away a lot of the time for a few weeks after the birth was hard.

There isn't really an easy answer, except that it hopefully probably won't happen again with your next pregnancy if it wasn't for a specific reason.

Ohmygoshohmygosh Fri 09-Jan-15 13:03:29

Hello, I have just found out I am pregnant with my third. Dc1 was full term, dc2 a 26 weeker as a result of placenta praevia.

I am slightly excited but do not want to get my hopes up, and I am absolutely petrified of another prem. my prem is 3 now and has CP. part if me thinks I am absolutely bonkers to go through this again, but I just want a normal, healthy pregnancy.
I have heard mixed opinions upon the likelihood of PP happening again?

The St Thomas's clinic sounds like a good idea.

Good luck to everyone on this road....

Annbag Fri 09-Jan-15 17:13:16

Congratulations! I've heard mixed things about repeat placenta praevia as well. I think its just luck where the egg implants itself mainly. I had none of the risk factors when I had it, although now I have the previous praevia and c section as risk factors. Hope it goes well and your placenta is high at the scan

Ohmygoshohmygosh Fri 09-Jan-15 21:56:47

I didn't have any of the risk factors either annbag. I also think that it is just luck as to where the egg implants. The location of the placenta will be the first question I ask on my scan and god I pray it is high!

wishing it is such a hard decision to make. It is the unknown outcome which is so scary and also knowing you have no control over what will be. I think whatever you decide will be the right decision. I hope you and DH come to a decision x

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