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how does premature labour feel - especially compared to a normal term labour?

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kalidasa Mon 06-Oct-14 17:23:46

I hope this doesn't upset anyone, I realise it's an emotive topic for those of you who have been there. I am 24 weeks on Wednesday and I've been having quite a bit of pain at the bottom of my bump for a few days, bad enough last night to wake me up. It's like period pain/early labour but it's not coming in waves, more constant and grumbling, and there's no tightening as far as I can see. Luckily I had a consultant appt this morning - she was concerned enough to check my cervix which is firmly closed and she said the baby is nice and high which is good. Baby is v. active and his heartbeat was strong. She says all is probably fine but I should keep a close eye on it and go back to the hospital if anything worries me. I had some leukocytes in my wee so she's sent that off to be tested in case I have a UTI or something.

Hopefully this is just one of those random pregnancy things but I just wondered for those of you who have experienced premature labour, what it felt like and whether you realised what it was - especially compared to a normal term one, if you've had one of those. I had DS 22 months ago at 39 weeks, very straightforward labour with only gas and air so I have a pretty clear memory of what all the stages felt like, but I'm not sure if that would really help if I did go into labour so early on, maybe it feels very different?

plentyofshoes Mon 06-Oct-14 21:32:47

I am sure everything is fine. However my second prem labour started at 26 weeks, cervix shut but funnelling. If it continues ask for your cervix length to be measured.
Try not to worry x

kalidasa Tue 07-Oct-14 09:28:40

Thanks plenty that's helpful. If I do have to go back for further assessment, I'll ask about that. I'm being seen very regularly anyway as it's been a complicated pregnancy in various ways so I'll have lots of opportunities, and in any case we live very close to the hospital so I can always pop in if I'm worried at all. I had another disturbed night with the pain but not quite as bad as the one before. I'm hoping it's just going to stop soon with no other symptoms!

Faacksake Thu 09-Oct-14 23:57:59

Hi op I have done it twice. My DD2 was born at thirty weeks. My waters broke but no pain at all. Ended up in hospital and believe it or not the only sign of labour was a pain in my shoulder. Ended up having an emergency Caesarian when she got distressed.

My DS was unfortunately born asleep at 20 weeks. Again my waters broke but woke up at 3am in established labour. The maternity ward wouldn't admit me as I wasn't 21 weeks. I ended up having him in A&E. I felt so sorry for the staff. The doctor was lovely but she wasn't a gynae and it obviously upset her sad In terms of pain the contractions were bad but the delivery wasn't that bad being so small I didn't tear or anything.

If your 24 weeks your obviously past that stage. I would say though to always always get checked out no matter how small. You know your body better than anyone else. flowers

kalidasa Sun 12-Oct-14 13:39:19

Thanks for replying faacksake but I am so sorry to hear of your experience. How terrible. I can't believe maternity wouldn't admit you in these circumstances. Fortunately the pains I was having last weekend tailed off after a few days and are now only occasional. Combined with the internal check from the consultant last Monday I feel reassured, but would and will definitely go to the hospital to be checked again if I have any concerns. Baby is still super-active so hopefully all is well.

MultipleMama Sun 12-Oct-14 21:28:32

Hey, OP.

Premature labour felt like normal labour to me I've laboured at 40, 38, 37, and 29 to 31(was stopped w/ magnesium) weeks. I don't know I'm in labour until I'm either close to pushing or have shooting pains in my back/hips. I have bad cramps which are usually Braxton hicks. So I usually end up freaking out at the slighest cramp thinking it's labour! Which 8/10 it isn't grin

Could they be Braxton Hicks?

Dildals Wed 07-Jan-15 14:07:54

For me it felt like severe constipation, l now totally understand how women give birth on the toilet!

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