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Weaning a 35 weeker..

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TheStorySoFar Tue 22-Jul-14 13:39:46

Hi, my LB is 23weeks now. Was born at 35 weeks. Is EBF, a v content happy LB. I know weaning is generally as close to 6mo as possible, and I'm wondering if it should be even later for early babies? TYIA.

neversleepagain Wed 23-Jul-14 19:57:56

Prem babies are usually weaned earlier, some from 17 weeks.

Mine were weaned at 24 weeks.

plentyofshoes Wed 23-Jul-14 20:00:11

Hi it can be earlier for prems and no later than 6 months. As they were not in the womb for long enough their iron levels drop faster.
If you go to the Bliss charity website you can order their booklet on weaning prems. Good luck smile

plentyofshoes Wed 23-Jul-14 20:01:09

Same as never both my prems were about 5 ish months.

Convergent Fri 01-Aug-14 02:18:24

Bliss, the premature babies charity, do a good weaning information leaflet. They recommend starting weaning between 5 and 8 months (actual age, not corrected):

As I understand it, this does not mean that you must start at 5 months. It means that it might in some cases be appropriate to start at 5 months if the baby's developmentally ready (see leaflet for signs that they're developmentally ready). It'll very much depend on the individual baby, how early they were, and at what developmental stage they are at.

FWIW my DD is a 29 weeker and was weaned at 7 and a bit months (5 months corrected) - she was previously ebf. Her growth, weight gain and development have been normal, and her iron levels are also normal (though her iron supplements were stopped when she was 4 months old).

Bankholidaybaby Fri 01-Aug-14 23:23:36

I was told no earlier than 20 weeks and no later than 26. In the end, I started my 33weeker prem son on solids at 24w.

TheStorySoFar Wed 20-Aug-14 10:49:06

God-thank you all. I feel awful. He's 27 weeks this week & I half heartedly started & then stopped as he's not reaching out for food yet & lumps are coming back. Even with puréed food he's still got the tongue thrust reflex. My poor wee man...didn't even think his iron levels would be relevant (& more embarrassingly I'm a nurse). Why have the HV never discussed this with me?! He hasn't even been weighed since he was 10w; I've never been worried about him so I never felt the need to take him to the clinic.

TheStorySoFar Wed 20-Aug-14 10:59:18

Should he also be on vitamin & iron supplements?

Bankholidaybaby Thu 21-Aug-14 11:08:22

My son was on vitamins, iron and folic acid from birth. I can't remember when we stopped the folic acid, but the iron was until he started solids. He still has daily vitamins.

Dildals Sat 06-Sep-14 11:09:33

Hey. We started weaning at 7m actual age and in hindsight this was way too early for her, so if your baby still has tongue thrust leave it a bit perhaps.

Definitely get some iron supplements and ABIDEC for the little man though!

The hospital sent us home with a prescription of those supplements so you should be able to get them too.

TheGirlAtTheJingleBellRockShow Wed 03-Dec-14 14:51:19

I know this is an old thread, but I am confusing myself by reading so much about weaning! DD was born at 35 weeks and was tiny (3lb 15). She's 13lb now at 23 weeks. EBF since she was 1 week old.
She is showing some signs of being ready but not all, so going to wait a bit longer before starting. However I am getting worried about deficiencies. What foods did you start with, and did you do BLW or purees? DD wasn't given supplements on discharge from NICU, so wondering whether to start these.
I forgot to ask paediatrician when we last saw them, and not got a review for another 6 months.

minipie Wed 03-Dec-14 14:57:28

If she is still BF then at 6 months (actual not corrected) she should start vitamins. This is the advice for all BF babies prem and not prem but I haven't seen anything that recommends vits earlier for prem babies.

I started weaning 34 weeker DD at 6 months actual. Started vits a bit later than that as I didn't realise. We did purees as her sitting and hand eye coordination wasn't great at 6 months actual (4.5 corrected) and we started on fruit and veg, then meat, then for dairy/gluten I waited till 6 months actual. Introduced finger foods when she could reliably grip them and get them to her mouth, I forget when that was exactly!

TheGirlAtTheJingleBellRockShow Wed 03-Dec-14 15:04:53

Thanks, I wondered if supplements needed to be started earlier. I was also unsure if the list of foods not to be given before 6 months needed to be delayed to 6 months adjusted.

minipie Wed 03-Dec-14 15:11:39

Just looked back at an old thread about this - a mum of a 36 weeker asked her HV and HV checked with dietician and said no need for vits for a 36 weeker as long as you took vits while pregnant. Guess the same would apply for a 35 weeker? Were you anaemic at all when pg?

I wasn't sure about the delaying of 6 months foods either which is why I delayed dairy and gluten till 6 months corrected (sorry my previous post said 6 months actual, I meant corrected!), but I seem to recall I was later told that there was no need to have delayed those and could have started them from 6 months actual.

TheGirlAtTheJingleBellRockShow Wed 03-Dec-14 16:40:40

I was anaemic and on iron tablets through my pregnancy. I had PET and DD was IUGR. Was told no need for supplements on discharge, but didn't know babies get deficiencies later on at that point. The "breast is best" gets pushed so much I just thought it was all that was needed!
Thanks for your advice!

minipie Wed 03-Dec-14 17:19:27

Hmm in that case it might be worth a call to your paed's office to check if you should start supplements now? (You don't have to wait till the next review if you have a query in between).

Formula contains supplements, which is why only BF babies are advised to have supps from 6 months. I didn't get told this either on discharge! Dunno why, I guess because it's general baby advice rather than prem specific.

If you do start supplements, I'd go for the Wellkid ones - Dalavit are grim and Abidec contain the older less effective form of vit D.

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