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Pre eclampsia & cholestasis

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Chuckading Mon 14-Jul-14 20:32:53

I had my ds at 31+1 after pre eclampsia and obstetric cholestasis both being diagnosed at 30wks. The whole experience has left me quite scared of having another baby, esp worried of a worse outcome.
Has anyone else had both pre eclampsia and cholestasis during a pregnancy? Did you get both again for the 2nd pregnancy and was your baby born earlier than your first?
I really want a second child but I'm terrified of having another premature baby esp an earlier one.
Thank you x

LiegeAndLief Thu 18-Sep-14 23:30:05

I realise it's a long time since you wrote this post but I have just come across it and had to answer as I have never met anyone else who also had pre eclampsia and cholestatsis together!

Mine was diagnosed at 30 weeks as well and I was in hospital until my ds was delivered by cs at 34 weeks.

I have since had a dd who was born by VBAC at term. I was offered a pre-conception consultation with my consultant, where he talked through the risks of a second pregnancy (lower but still there) and how they would monitor me etc. I also took low dose aspirin on his advice from 12 to 36 weeks. I did get PET again but much more mildly, it started about 36 weeks, and no sign of the OC. I spent an awful lot of time hanging around antenatal clinics and had regular dopplers to check the blood flow through the placenta. My consultant booked me in for a cs at 40 weeks as she was concerned about the PET getting worse, but dd turned up very punctually at 39+6 so I got the VBAC I wanted.

I felt very similarly to you and was terrified throughout my second pregnancy. Couldn't believe that she was healthy and term even when I had given birth to her! The odds are definitely on your side, may well be worth asking about a pre-conception consultation to allow you to talk it through with a medical professional. Good luck.

Chuckading Tue 01-Mar-16 21:44:34

Ive only just seen this reply!!! Thank you so much your story is really good to read. It's taken me a while, but i now feel ready for another go... still terrified, but ready ish... i saw a consultant, well two as the first wasn't a pre-e or cholestasis expert so couldn't really help much, he said he would get back to me with further advice/tests etc but never did so 6 months later i saw another consultant who was a specialist. He reassured me and said id have the care you say you had. bit daunting attempting got juggle a preschooler and everything that comes with the pregnancy / if baby ends up in scbu / me in hospital for ages! eeek
Anyway just wanted to say thank you for replying, i really needed to read a story like yours, sorry i hadn't seen your response before today!

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