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Dildals Thu 03-Apr-14 20:47:39

Hi all
My LO is almost 6m corrected now, 8m+actual. The dietician has given us Infatrini to use for making her purees etc (we have started weaning) but I wanted to give a bottle a day to her as well to aid her weight gain. She doesn't normally take a bottle, so she will initially hold out for boob (they are rather fabulous), so was wondering how many mls of Infatrini would constitute a good feed for a 5kg baby? Any thoughts? I can't find it on the Nutricia website unfortunately!

nagapie1 Fri 04-Apr-14 15:35:35

My son is 5 months, 3 corrected. He is on a very strict diet of Infatrini as he was very poorly and needs to bulk out; I am only allowed to bfeed once a day and top ups. Poor thing also prefers my boobs.

Anyway, he takes 80ml x8 in a day, so every 3 hrs. He is 4.55kg so similar to your child. So probably 90ml? If she'll take it, babies who are exclusively bfed usually refuse at that age. Sippy cup if she's able? Or in as much food as possible.

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