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Won't settle

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nagapie1 Sat 25-Jan-14 11:36:57

Although my DS is in hospital, this was a concern when he was at home too. He won't settle unless sleeping on someone and keeps himself awake for hours crying. Anyone experienced this with their premmie?

My first son was a terrible sleeper until he was 3 but at least with him you could feed him and he'd settle for 1-2 hours. Second son won't settle for more than 20 min unless on mine or my partner's chest. Pretty hard to cope with and I'm worried as no one can do this in the hospital.

HeleenC Mon 27-Jan-14 08:12:18

My 27w5d prem girl was the same. I had twins, both had NEC. The boy left us after his 4th surgery due to internal bleeding but my girl didn't keep any problems due to the NEC. She also only wanted to sleep on someone's chest for the first few weeks after coming home (she came home 2 weeks before due date) and continued to do so until she was +- 2 months past due date. Now she sleeps very well and without much fuss (she is now 5 months adjusted age). I say indulge him. He is going through a lot. (My son had 3 stomas and was always so uncomfortable and niggly). Such a small baby can't control his sleep-wake cycles anyway and they are exposed to so many stimuli that they shouldn't be exposed to now. Wishing you strength. This too shall pass.

nagapie1 Mon 27-Jan-14 09:41:11

My son has a stoma too but he needed to sleep on us before he got NEC; I'm not sure if he will still want to sleep on our chests as he is in hospital currently but he is still fussy and sleeps best when we're there to hold him.

I just wanted to check that this was 'normal' and not a sign that something was wrong. The problem however is that I can't sleep if he's on me, guess I'll have to learn.

Bankholidaybaby Sun 02-Feb-14 10:06:55

I had to let my son sleep on, and then right next to, me for weeks. Now he's 22 weeks actual and sleeps 10 hours in his basket (for now, at least).

Poppet45 Sun 02-Feb-14 18:12:48

Dd slept on my chest for a good two months once home. She could only sleep in her bednest once her reflux was under control. I wanted her close so didnt mind and shes since become a far better sleeper than her big brother. Heleenc Im so sorry for your loss x

nagapie1 Sun 02-Feb-14 18:45:43

Poppet, how will I know if it's reflux causing his sleep problems?

minipie Mon 03-Feb-14 18:05:09

My DD (34 weeker) would only sleep on my chest for about 3 months. She had awful wind and occasional minor reflux.

Warmth helped my DD so you could try asking the hospital about making her warmer? Also sleeping on her side or front was a lot better than on her back - front is not recommended at home of course, but if your DS is in hospital then he is presumably on monitors so maybe they could take the risk of being on his front if that helps him sleep.

Also have something that smells of you in the cot (old T shirt as sheet?) if he's used to sleeping on you.

As to whether it is reflux:

Reflux usually shows itself by distress and straight after feeding. Often an arched back movement when you try to feed them. Also distress if laid on their back as this is when the acid flows into their throat.

"Classic" reflux usually involves acidic posseting but "silent" refluxing there is no posseting as it stays in the throat (but still hurts). Sometimes you can smell acidic breath or acidic burps.

Poppet45 Mon 03-Feb-14 22:51:00

Reflux is a common prem problem as their trunk musculature and therefore tummy valves are so weak and dds was exacerbated because cmpi runs in my family. Basically after sleeping ok for the first 6-8 weeks suddenly her sleep went to pieces, she'd often make a bleating noise in her sleep as the acid went past her vocal cords, when laid flat she'd choke within minutes or milk would pour out of her nose, afterr some feeds/refluxing she'd go limp and her mouth would go blue as she held her breath with the pain, and she started fussing and arching away from the breast, sometimes you could even hear her tummy valve open... Like a dull internal handclap and she'd sit stockstill in fear as the acid rose. God Im stressed just typing that... I couldnt do those days again. But a heroic dose of omeprazole, me going dairy and soya free, and taking solids v v slowly, and now in a blur she's two. It got so much easier once she was on meds but if I ate dairy she'd be miserable for 18+ hours.

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