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Donating to Icu, what do they accept? other chairtys?

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stumpsxo Thu 26-Dec-13 08:33:20

Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could help mme.ive been collecting donations of baby clothes for the ICU which im going to take next week. I was just wondering if anyone knew what they accepted?

Also I have some household bits, is there a charity I can donate them too? Womens clothes also.

Anyone knows any charity's that accept donations and what they accept I would be grateful.

Ive just started an organisation on facebpok for this and I will be working very hard over the next year to help people! Creating events etc tk raose money but atm just starting off small and accepting donations in which I'll be taking down to icu smile

Thanks for your time.

Best wishes from

plentyofsoap Thu 26-Dec-13 12:50:01

Hi how about contacting the bliss charity?

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