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Ex - prem growth at 2yo

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slebmum Wed 23-Oct-13 13:05:31


DTs are 2.3 now and were born at 31+3, 3lb1 and 3lb3 respectively. They are fine now and have hit or ahead of all their developmental milestones so no issues on that front.

However, they are teeny tiny still. I plotted height on the red book graph yesterday and they are both 0.4 centile for height and weight (I think, with my rough measurements). They’ve never been big, hit the 25th for weight just before they started walking but have dropped down since then.

They eat well, still have milk in the morning and before bed and I cook with butter, cheese and cream for them. They do have days where they don’t eat a great deal if ill or teeth bothering them but apart them they can eat a lot.

Should I be worried, or is just because that’s the way they are? We have their 2yo check soon so will speak to HV then I just wondered how anyone else’s ex-prems were doing around this age?


AryaofhouseSnark Wed 23-Oct-13 21:46:14

Hi sleb, my Dts are 3 now. They were born at 30 weeks and were similar wights to yours - 3lb3 and 3lb4.
I think it's worth speaking to your HV if they have dropped down the line just for reassurance, the fact that they are on the same line for height and weight could just mean they are just at their natural weight. Especially if they eat well. Are you and your dp / DH quite petite ?
How do you manage to measure them ? Just out of interest, I couldn't manage it with my 2. grin

slebmum Thu 24-Oct-13 12:08:29

Thanks Arya.

No, we're not pettite which is why I'm starting to wonder so will def speak to HV. Admittedly my measurements are not accurate - I use a tape measure agasint the wall but it is like trying to measure a worm on the move!

Kewcumber Thu 24-Oct-13 12:09:35

DS was 980gr (26 weeks) - let me just whip out his red book...

Kewcumber Thu 24-Oct-13 12:14:06

At 2yrs 8 months he was 13kg which is about 25%. At nearly 8 he is still around 25% for weight and about 50% for height.

Absolute % wouldn;t worry me but I would talk to HV about the moving up and down the centiles - thats relatively more unusual. I would judge based more on developmental milestones - DS didn;t hit all developmental norms until he was 4 (which I htink is probably pretty normal for extremely tiny prems)

MiaowTheCat Fri 25-Oct-13 07:38:02

Dd1 at 19 months is 91st centile for height and weight - but I think that's genetics coming through as her dad is exceptionally tall and her only just a preemie sister is above the 98 the centile line! I wonder if she lost a smidge of potential height with coming so early but she's still bloody tall!

plentyofsoap Fri 25-Oct-13 08:57:49

My ds born at 33 weeks on the 50th centile actually fell off the chart for quite a while then slowly went up. He was always below the 50th from then on. I was worried so harassed my hv who got us refered to rule out any medical reasons when he was around 2 and a half. As long as they follow a line and don't drop more than two then there is no real cause for concern. He is 5 now and eats healthy along with treats and does actually sit still for more than 10 mins... he is slim and average height and I don't worry now, but try not to compare. Like adults children come in all shapes and sizes and as long as they are healthy you have no need to worry.
I will however get round to burning his red book one day.

AWhistlingWoman Fri 25-Oct-13 09:13:37

Like Kew I've just dug out DD2's red book.

She was born at 23+4 670gr and by the time she was 2 she was about 12.5kgs which is around 50th centile? She's around 75th now for both weight and height (just turned 5) so they might still make their way up centiles again in years to come?

She did fall off the chart for quite some time when very small but was, strangely, pretty big for a 23 weeker at birth! DH and I are on the large side (6'4' and 5'8) so I do think that genetics is winning out. I did use a lot of full fat dairy when she was small (which, unfortunately, I then developed a taste for and can't kick the habit!) Could you try and get a referral to a dietician if it's worrying you? Ours was really helpful.

If they are eating well, I wouldn't worry too much. It sounds as though they are doing great.

slebmum Fri 25-Oct-13 10:48:09

Thanks all, very interesting to hear how others have done!

Kewcumber Fri 25-Oct-13 14:06:48

DS not keen on dairy. BUt he virtualy lived on avocado 1-2 yrs (avocado and orange mousse anyone?) which was fantastic.

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