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Threatened premature labour

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SweetLittleBee Tue 08-Oct-13 15:51:11

Hello Ladies, just hoping to find a little reassurance. I was taken into hospital at 25 weeks after having lots of painless tightenings. I was given an ffn test which came back slightly positive and my cervix had shortened to 1.7cm. I was given steroids for baby's lungs and spent a week on the ward being monitored. Luckily, my baby seemed to be growing fine and is a good size and there's no problems with the placenta/cord etc. I was discharged from hospital and have been advised to rest at home in order to try to keep my pregnancy going for as long as possible. I'm nearly 28 weeks now but still feel really frightened and down. I feel so helpless and anxious and just want my baby to be safe and well.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I feel very overwhelmed and would love to hear some positive stories or some reassurance.

Thank you.

grants1000 Tue 08-Oct-13 17:02:44

You have to stop yourself from worrying because this is the worst thing you can do for your baby.

You can be assured that you were sent home to get rest, remember that is a medical order!

The best thing you can do is rest and work out strategies on how to handle your worry.

thomasmad Fri 11-Oct-13 12:19:54

Hello SweetLittleBee,
Hope you are well and not too stressed. My twins were born at just over 28wks and it was a complete and utter shock, however I didn't have the worry about it before hand. My boys were good weights and I had gained very little weight due to a liver condition so that was a major worry. If your baby came now having taken steroids there is a good chance that he/she may not need ventelation but a lower form of breathing support or even none at all. The statistics for babies from 28 wks are really positive and the fact that you are aware of the risk means you will be proactive about taking care of yourself and seeking medical help a.s.a.p. Practically get organised, pack a bag, get friends to shop/ freeze meals and then try to relax and put your feet up!! Do you have childcare in place if you have other children? Don't feel guilty about taking it easy. Try to rest and get some good books to read to keep you occupied!! As to clothes for the baby our units supplied very small clothes from their stock and nappies. They don't wear clothes for a few weeks anyway. You could ask if you feel up to it for a tour of your local SCBU so you would see the facilities but this may stress you out more. Remember that very tiny babies often do extremely well and that from 28 wks the prognosis is good. My two are now in reception, great eyesight, slight immature speech ( due to being twins!!) one slightly clumsy but he gets that from his mum!!! Feet up NOW!!!

Poppet45 Fri 11-Oct-13 20:19:11

Oh lovely try not to fret, there's nothing positive it can achieve. DD arrived at 27+3 and too fast for steroids o work. Yes it was tough but the support you get in most nicus is astounding. She's just turned two and while she is pretty susceptible to winter bugs she runs ring round us all including her whopping 9lber overdue big brother. And shes still bf... In fact shes having her bedtime feed. Save your strength for if dc does arrive early. Til then relax and try not to let your fears take hold. Wishing you the best of luck x

SweetLittleBee Sat 12-Oct-13 13:23:27

Thanks so much, ladies. Really nice to hear your positive stories about your little ones and have some advice. I'm 28+2 now and trying to take each day as a blessing. Off work so just spending my time resting in bed and keeping my mind as busy and calm as I can by reading lots and knitting. Fingers crossed baby will stay inside for a bit longer...

thomasmad Sat 12-Oct-13 17:00:51

Great news that you are now 28 plus 2, everyday really helps. Bliss is also a useful reference point for queries and information. Hope all goes well.

Mandy21 Thu 17-Oct-13 12:48:36

Hi, another positive story if it helps. As thomasmad says every day is a bonus so just tell yourself you are doing everything right! Sounds like the baby is comfy for the time being and not going anywhere smile.

My twins were born at 27+6, they had the steriods about 24hrs before when I went into labour. I was told they weren't "high risk" as they were over 26 weeks, and they just had to stay on the special care baby unit for "feeding and growing". It is overwhelming, of course it is, but imo, neonatal staff are the most dedicated, professional, caring staff I've come across (and we had experience of 2 units - the one where they were born and the one nearer home we were moved to, and both were bl00dy brilliant).

They are 8 now, you wouldn't know they were premature. I think they'd caught up by about 18 months. I did the London Marathon for BLISS (the premature baby unit) this year and their school did a little piece in their newsletter - had a photo of them from when they were first born and a photo of them now. Some of the teachers (who had taught them!), lots of the parents and the headmistress couldn't believe they were so early.

So rest assured that your baby is in the right place now! If you do deliver early, know that the medical care will be outstanding and absolutely everything is stacked in your favour with every passing day that your baby won't be at high risk. Good luck!

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