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Planned delivery at 37 weeks but baby only 2 kilos/4 pounds

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Kelly1814 Thu 05-Sep-13 18:50:48

As the title suggests I'm currently 35+2 but baby measuring small (on scans not fundal height). I get scanned every week or so due to a cerclage. the baby is growing, but slowly, and is behind. Weighs Around 4 pounds/2 kilos.

Not sure if IUGR or genetic, or just plain small. I will be delivered at 37 weeks so baby can grow better outside the womb.

I had steroids at 26 weeks when we had a scare, so hoping that the lungs will be ok.

My question is, if you have experience of a small for dates baby, how long did your baby have to stay in hospital for? I know it varies by baby and hospital and is based on things like temperature regulation, feeding etc. but to would be so helpful to hear other stories.

sneezecakesmum Thu 05-Sep-13 18:55:52

we didn't have a great out come so I'll not go into it. but I wasnt scanned from 20 weeks. so its good that they are taking care of you. ds was born at 37+4 and weighed 4.7 lbs he had IUGR from undiagnosed pre eclampsia we stayed in for 3 weeks but think he could have come out after a week if he didn't have other complications. best of luck for the next few weeks xsmile

sneezecakesmum Thu 05-Sep-13 18:57:09

sorry meant dgs (daughter's ds)

Weegiemum Thu 05-Sep-13 18:59:59

I didn't have a small-for-dates baby but my dd2 (dc3) was induced at 36+5 and born 36+6 due to my serious kidney problem. I had false labour at 34 weeks and had steroids then - they repeated them the day before my induction.

She was about 5lb7 on the scan the week before - but was 7lb15 at birth (really small for me, the other 2 had been 9lb12 and 9lb3). The scan is a really poor way of estimating birth weight.

I'm hoping it all goes well for you. My dd2 was in hospital 2 weeks as she had to be monitored (I'd had bad kidney stones and so on morphine for 3 months) but they were lovely - hoping you are ok and your baby.

Poppet45 Thu 05-Sep-13 19:48:37

Temp regulation and lungs should be fine. Dd was allowed home at 4lbs on the nose after 80 days in the scbu. She was a 1lb 15oz 27 weeker and I was always flummoxed by the iugr babies... Couldnt work out why babies almost as small as her didnt need all the machines she did and werent surrounded by regularly screaming alarms. Turned out they were older and everything was small but pretty much perfectly formed. The full course of steroids should have matured babies lungs by another two weeks which is great as they're basically term. Wishing you both all the best.

MavisG Thu 05-Sep-13 21:19:07

My iugr baby was bigger than the scan predicted, 2.4kg but tall/long, and we stayed just one night, in the maternity ward so coslept, he just had his temp and heart rate checked every 2 hours. He is nearly on the 50th centime now at 6 months. Wishing similar for your baby.

Kelly1814 Fri 06-Sep-13 04:20:36

thank you so much for your very helpful responses. so glad all your babies are well.

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