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PDA Ligation

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NowFourSpuds Wed 12-Jun-13 08:24:04

Both of my twins (23+6) were born with a PDA. DD was treated with one dose of Ibruprofen but it was stopped before the course was finished because of tummy troubles. My son's PDA was never treated as he wasn't stable enough to begin with.

After the usual talk of surgery we were told the doctors wanted to wait and see what happened as it didn't seem to be affecting them at all, and luckily it never did so neither required surgery.

During our discharge ECG we were told DD still had a PDA which was now unlikely to close on its own & would probably require surgery. But I'm struggling to find any info on what that involves for an older child.

Does anyone have any experience of PDA closure after discharge? We have an appointment in August with the Cardiologist for another ECG and to discuss what happens next.

Twins2012 Mon 16-Sep-13 01:11:09

My twins born at 25wks both had PDAs. DT1 closed with one dose of ibuprofen. DT2 however did not close after a couple of attempts. Her PDA was closed surgically when she was just over a year old. It was closed via key hole surgery via a vein in her right leg by her groin. They used an umbrella type device (some babies have a coil device). The surgery took approx 2 hours she was home by 6 o'clock that day. The surgery itself is not that long but they do a lot of checks to ensure the device has not moved. DT2 did not have the surgery earlier as she was growing well with the PDA and was breathing without support. Any questions just let me know.

NowFourSpuds Thu 19-Sep-13 22:20:14

Thanks for the reply Twins2012

We were told that DTD's PDA was unlikely to close post term, but happily it has! We had a cardio appointment last week & we were told its closed up, so luckily no surgery needed.

Great to hear it was a success for your DD, and thank you for the advice smile

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