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You'll get why this made me laugh in here

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MiaowTheCat Fri 05-Apr-13 13:32:49

Had DD2 a fortnight or so ago - and since she was slightly prem (a whopping 36 weeker this time!) and jaundiced - she spent a few days in under the lights again.

Hubby's bringing DD1 in to see me (our almost 1 year old ex-33 weeker) in the hospital every day and one of the NICU docs is in the lift with him coming up to the ward one day... comments "oh what a lovely little girl - she must be about two years old mustn't she?" His face when he got told that she's an ex-preemie who wasn't even 1 yet was a picture!

I know she's incredibly tall (starting to look snug in 12-18 month clothes - but her dad is 6 foot 7 and both my girls seem destined to be very very long gangly babies) - but for her to have made up ground to the point she's being mistaken for a 2 year old when she's not even 1 really made me giggle!

OzmaofOz Sat 06-Apr-13 13:54:10

smile it's lovely when you look back to a tiny baby, covered in wires and tubes and then see a big, healthy toddler / baby isn't it. I loved it when people stopped commenting on how small my Dts were, they are not big for their age now, pretty average. But I get what your saying.
Congratulations BTW.

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