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Night feeds fussing

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Valdeeves Fri 11-Jan-13 04:37:14

Anybody else have a premise who fusses over a bottle when feeding in the night?
Sometimes my daughter's (33 weeker) feeding really gets me down. She was combine fed in SCBU, then home for four months and recently went on nursing strike - so bottle fed completely. We use colief in her daily feeds but not her night feeds as she seems to be fine then but.......
I have found since day one she fusses over her early morning feed and now as its her only feed its hard work. She wants to feed but seems to gasp as if she can't take it. She's sick alot so will throw an ounce up at least and is sick most of the day ( I haven't tried gaviscon as my son was also a prem and he became so constipated on it - she is already constipated at the mo.) Sometimes she fusses during the day - she dribbles and is so sick so much when feeding we have to keep a towel round her neck.
Last night she got so upset before bath ( her bottle was due after) she screamed for a twenty minutes and wouldn't take her bottle.
She is nearly five months now and I desperately want to wean her but am worried with all her fussing

amymouse Sat 12-Jan-13 20:34:30

Reflux? You could try and ask for ranitidine/domperidone rather than Gaviscon. My lo (28 weeker, now toddler) was a refluxer and it affected her sleep, feeding and breathing at times. Weaning can sometimes help if it is reflux!
Bliss advise weaning between 5-7 months actual so you could try her soon with something plain x

Valdeeves Mon 14-Jan-13 17:53:17

Thanks I've taken your advice on the weaning - she seems more settled during the day.

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