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tell me about 29 week-ers

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EmmaGibson85 Sat 22-Dec-12 11:02:27

my daughter was born at 29 wks and was on ventilator for couple days, then on cpap. was in hospital 6 weeks. but now she is 7 and perfect young lady. ahead at school and perfect in every way x

Mandy21 Fri 21-Dec-12 13:16:40

Just wanted to add my experience - obviously you have the difficulty of other children to manage / care for so SCBU is going to be hard work - but you know what to expect and I'm sure you'll both be fine.

I had my twins at 27+6 - they were 2lb 6oz and 2lb 6.5oz - they told me this was a very good weight for twins at that gestation, and more in line with singletons - so I'm guessing you're looking at somewhere between 2.5lb and 3lb for a 29 weeker.

The general consensus at my hospitals for pre-30 weeks was to expect to go home around their due date - if they go home a little bit before then, all well and good, but not to get your hopes up. For what its worth, my twins came home at 36+5 - they had to be feeding (whether that was bf / bottle), gaining weight, and maintaining their temperatures. They were still v little when they came home (around 4lb 9oz each).

At 29 weeks, its not that much different to a 32 weeker - the baby might need a bit of extra help with breathing (CPAP or low flow oxygen) but as you'll know, its generally just a question of growing and getting stronger.

Good luck - hope the baby stays put for a little while longer yet smile

Doraemon Fri 21-Dec-12 08:49:33

Thank you! I've not had steroids yet as contractions are still very irregular and dependant to a large extent on how much time I spend on my feet - as soon as they get stronger or more regular I'm to go straight in for steroids and nifedipine if they need to stop them.
I managed to bf DS1 despite a hugely unsupportive SCBU, am hoping this hospital will be better.... I have a lot of NCT contacts locally so am trying to sort out a hospital grade pump to have at home and a BFC already primed to help if need be. Not sure quite sure how it's all going to work with 2 other children as well, could do with hanging on at least until school goes back.....

mummykat12 Thu 20-Dec-12 20:03:42


First, crossing all fingers and toes that DD1 stays in there for as long as possible. Have they given you steroid injections?

At 29 weeks, it is highly likely that your stay in NICU will be longer than 3 weeks. There are lots of different things that could come up, and it will be tough, of course, it always is when a child is in hospital. But DD1 could also be generally well, just small. My 27 weeker was.

As you have been in SCBU before I guess you know about the fun that is expressing, if you choose to do that. And about the advantage of having as much food in the freezer as possible - your time will disappear.

Really hope all goes well

Doraemon Thu 20-Dec-12 18:06:24

Hi, ds1 was born at 32 weeks and ds2 at 34. Dd1 is due in march but at scan today her head was right down, I'm getting crazy Braxton hicks and cervix is starting to go. I'm 28 weeks 4 days. Obviously am hoping to go a bit longer, but I'd really like to have a better idea of how big she might be, how long it would take to get her home etc. Ds1 was in scbu for 3 weeks so I have some idea what to expect but he was generally well, just small. I suspect at 29 weeks it could be more complicated...

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