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How soon did you take your baby out?

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Italianbride Mon 19-Nov-12 14:00:01

I never thought I'd find myself posting in this section but here I am.

DS was born at 33 weeks and we brought him home last week after 2.5 weeks in scbu. He is making great progress and the only 'issue' he has is that he's small.

So my question for those of you who have had a premature baby is how soon did you take them out? For walks? For coffee? To visit friends/family? I am not intending to overdo it but I don't really want to be cooped up inside forever.

minipie Mon 19-Nov-12 14:33:40

Will watch with interest as I am wondering the same thing... DD was born at 34 weeks and we brought her home yesterday at 37+3. Congratulations on your DS and great that he has no ongoing issues.

Italianbride Mon 19-Nov-12 15:05:48

Thanks minipie how much did your LO weigh? And congratulations to you too!

minipie Mon 19-Nov-12 15:19:54

At birth just under 5 lb, now 5lb 3 oz.thanks!

AitchDee Mon 19-Nov-12 15:26:05

The same day I brought them home

My daughter was born at 34 weeks, home after 6 days, weighed 4.7lbs

My twins were born 23 weeks, weighed 1.3lb at birth. Came home weighing 6/7lbs ish just a few days after term. One baby had oxygen and ng tube still in. We treated them as normal babies.

Handsfulloffun Mon 19-Nov-12 15:45:23

Same as Aitch same day as we got home, DTs were born at 30 weeks and were 4lb6 ish when they came home at 5 weeks / 35 weeks.

Italianbride Mon 19-Nov-12 16:02:44

So I don't need to be too overprotective (as suggested by some of the nurses in scbu) and keep him indoors until well past his term date? As long as I keep him away from people with colds etc as much as I can.

ajandjjmum Mon 19-Nov-12 16:16:17

I suppose the only reason to take extra care is that it is 'bug flying around' season.

Congratulations on your new arrival smile

confuddledDOTcom Mon 19-Nov-12 16:46:57

The way I looked at it they were ready to go home, they were ready to live a normal life and after 4-6 weeks in hospital so was I! As long as you keep them well wrapped up and away from anyone who is ill or smoking then I don't see the problem.

Italianbride Mon 19-Nov-12 16:56:00

Sensible advice dot

CMOTDibbler Mon 19-Nov-12 16:57:50

The day after we came home (35 weeks, week in SCBU) - I was so fed up of being inside, and he was cosy in the pram/sling

thereonthestair Mon 19-Nov-12 17:00:01

I also took my DS out the day he came home, so at about 35 weeks after 8 weeks in nicu and scbu. My only issue was the other people saying I was doing really well as I had obviously only just had my 4lb 14 baby! But I'd say get out and about. Be a bit careful with strangers hands etc but live a normal life

beachyhead Mon 19-Nov-12 17:00:20

Mine was 31 weeks and three pounds.. She was in hospital till 35 weeks and came out at 4lbs... I did keep her away from groups of children, as I was worried about infection. Her immune system was quite bad as we both had HEELP syndrome, but other than that, we went out and about. I probably steered clearer of baby groups etc for a while too, but we went walking, shopping etc...

Congratulations... She's 15 now and taller than me, so it all works out in the end!!

Bramshott Mon 19-Nov-12 17:01:41

Pretty soon (DD1 was born at 33 weeks and came home at 36/37ish) BUT you do need to be prepared for helpful passers-by saying "should that baby be out" - mostly from a generation when small babies were kept at home.

Beamae Mon 19-Nov-12 17:02:46

Mine were born at 34 weeks. Once I had them both home which was a couple of weeks later, we did take them out initially, but they didn't react well. They seemed to be very easily overwhelmed and struggled to calm down. So we ended up reverting to the hospital's advice and keeping them home for a good month, I think. Kept the room dim, not a lot of visitors or being passed around. I think you just have to gauge how your baby reacts to being out and about.

confuddledDOTcom Mon 19-Nov-12 22:48:57

I always take my babies out in a wrap, especially at that age, they can rest and hide underneath and feel safe next to me or they can look up to see who's talking (I have nosey babies!)

The best bit is when this 5lb baby, who people think must be totally newborn, looks up at strangers to see who's talking and smiles whilst they're asking if they should be out! You see them jump back a mile like you have Regan in there!

I remember taking my #2 shopping for my eldest's birthday, baby would have been 6 months but still in NB (she was 0-3 at a year old) she was lying back day dreaming in her pushchair when someone came up to the chair and said "Aww isn't she lovely?" my baby lifted her head and beamed at her! This poor woman screamed and ran away lol

Debs75 Mon 19-Nov-12 22:53:27

I had dd3 at 34 weeks so only just prem. Discharged at 3 days old and then took her on a trip to A&E with dd2 the next day. After that we didn't see the point in staying in.
I appreciate she wasn't as prem as some of yours but where I went she had to go.

AitchDee Tue 20-Nov-12 02:23:45

I've just realised that he difference between your baby and mine is that mine were discharged in the summer.

Your baby will be very, very susceptible to RSV and bronchiolitis, so if I were you I would actively avoid children/toddler groups/pools etc and highly populated areas. The above viruses are nasty and have put one of my boys back in hospital needing a week of oxygen, and he was over a year by then.

From now til March is the most risky time for babies who had a less than perfect start.

TeaandHobnobs Tue 20-Nov-12 02:57:36

DS was born at 31+5 (in April) and discharged after 2 weeks + 2 days (4lb 11.5 oz at birth). Same as you, he had no health issues, he was only small.

We went out the day after coming home, and did so very often after that - however the weather was good so we were mainly outside, and I didn't take him on the bus very often until a bit later on.

Friends/family didn't visit or get too close if they had a cold (their own choice not to do so, for which I was greatful!).

I agree with the pp who suggested taking him out in the sling - stretchy wraps are particularly good for prem babies.

Congratulations on getting him home thanks I think it important when you bring home a prem baby that you try and get on with life as normal as much as you can, so it is a good idea to go out with him - I found my worst days for coping were when I was stuck indoors all day.

Flatasawitchestit Tue 20-Nov-12 03:15:03

As with the others, when I needed to more or less straight away as I have 2 other kids.

As aitch said though be very careful this time of year. I brought my 35 week baby home after 1 week, and although didnt really want constant visitors I caved in and had them, some who brought children with them. Consequently my baby ended up getting rsv that lead to a nasty case of bronchiolitis and she ended up very very poorly in hospital.

Make sure you're firm about visitors not coming over if ill, and get them to wash their hands, especially children. I think the moment you step outside of a ward these things to out of the window for some people.

Good luck and enjoy

Flatasawitchestit Tue 20-Nov-12 03:16:35

I'm also surprised at how quick some of you took your babies home. The hospital I work in generally keeps babies in until 36/37 weeks, although I've never seen the reasoning behind this if baby is feeding, good weight etc.

confuddledDOTcom Tue 20-Nov-12 10:40:52

Our hospital will tell you "36 to term" if you ask how long they're likely to stay in but as long as they're maintaining temperature, gaining weight and on sucking feeds they'll let you go home. If you breastfeed they room you in for about a week to make sure you're established first. My 31 weeker went home at 24 days; 35 weeker was only in for a week and we were roomed together after a couple of nights which was only about beds anyway; my 34 weeker went home on her due date and we were roomed together for most of that!

I've had two summer babies - one in a heatwave - and one winter baby. My winter baby is possibly my healthiest baby.

Wow TeaandHobnobs - I thought my 31 weeker was big at 4lb 2oz!

agendabender Tue 20-Nov-12 10:52:14

DS was 5lb 1oz at birth, 33 weeks. He had three and a half weeks in scbu because we wanted to breastfeed and they had unrealistic expectations. He came home with an NGT and I took him out pretty much straight away, but in the sling not the pram. He was warm in there and close to me, so just kangaroo care on the move really!

Peetle Tue 20-Nov-12 10:57:06

DTs, 35+5, 3lb 3oz & 4lb 5oz. 3 weeks in NICU but basically just putting on weight (don't talk about long-line nutrition). Discharged at 9pm on a Friday night hmm one with feeding tube (which we removed after a few days as it sounded like she was choking on it).

But they were out in the double buggy in the supermarket (cue lots of shocked expressions on people) and the cafe within a few days.

Having got used to seeing small babies in NICU I remember seeing a "normal" sized baby in said supermarket and thought it has a serious disability, otherwise why would such a large child still be so inert ?

They're in year 1 now and running us ragged...

Italianbride Wed 21-Nov-12 17:04:28

Thanks to all of you who have responded. It's reassuring to know that life can go on with a premature baby. I'm going to steer clear of groups of babies/children for a while but feel that a few walks and the odd trip to a coffee shop are do-able.

Now to tackle my fear of breastfeeding in public.......,,

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