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Premature birth...

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Wuxiapian Wed 31-Oct-12 15:59:58

... almost.

Last Wednesday evening I had to call delivery ward after a day of pain in back and abdmomen (at 28.3 weeks).

Went to hosp where they discovered changes to cervix and 1cm dilation. I was put on drip to halt contractions and 2 steroid injections 24 hours apart.

The contractions settled (although the backache didn't) and, after 5 days, was discharged and told to return if any further pain or water/blood loss.

I am now 29.3 and terrified about the baby coming at any time.

Has anyone else had this/similar experience with threat of/and early delivery?

Many thanks in advance.

BionicEmu Thu 01-Nov-12 10:13:56

I'm in a similar situation to you. Had a show on Mon at 26+6, then was getting some tightenings and grumbly pains on Tues at 27 weeks. They examined me, said no significant dilation, but cervix was shorter than they would have liked. They did a fetal fibronectin test which came back as positive, so they gave me the 2 steroid injections 24 hours apart (which incidentally, hurt like buggery - I really wasn't expecting that!)

Anyway, tightenings have settled, so I've just been discharged with a list of things to call them about if I experience any of them. Basically, they said there's nothing more they can do, so it's just a waiting game. I'm going out of my mind with worry, and getting very paranoid. Every little twinge is setting me on edge thinking "is this the start again?"

If I can get to 28 weeks then that would be very, very good. This is my second pregnancy, DS has just turned 2 and was born at 34 weeks after spontaneously going into labour at 33 weeks. I was in slow labour for 3 days, then ramped up from 4cm dilated to DS being born in 2 hours, so am even more terrified because of how quick that labour was! On the plus side he was relatively fine smile and absolutely huge. So I was warned this time round that I was high risk for another pre-term labour, but I really wasn't expecting it to be quite this early.

Anyway, just wanted to share and say that I totally understand the worry and paranoia! Is this your first?

Mandy21 Fri 02-Nov-12 21:48:52

Hi, not sure I can help but can perhaps reassure you. I apparently went into labour at 27+4 - just had back ache, didn't realise they were contractions. I think I possibly left it too late - it had started about 4am and it was 11am by the time I got to hospital. I was already 3cm dilated. I was told that they would give me the steroids and try to stop the labour, but at 3cm dilated, it was a question of delaying it (by upto a week / 10 days at most they said) rather than stopping it. I think 3cm is significantly more than 1cm and I was having twins so there wasn't much room and quite alot of pressure.

Anyway, long story short, I went into labour again at 27+6 and they couldn't stop it - went to 10cm dilated very quickly. I had my twins (both pretty tiny at 2lb 6oz / 2lb 6.5 oz) and they went straight to NICU. They spent 2 months in SCBU. They're now healthy, normal 7 year olds with no signs whatsoever of being premature.

I think every single day at 26/27/28 weeks is a bonus - if you're almost 30 weeks now, even though you might not think it, you're getting beyond a gestation that would be touch and go.

Good luck!

Wuxiapian Fri 09-Nov-12 15:08:34

Thank you both for your replies.

Bionic, how are you going?

Baby is staying indoors for a little while longer, thankfully. I'm now 30.5 and counting the days - still anxious, but with each passing day, feeling a little more confident.

This is my 2nd DS - admittedly, after a long gap - DS1 is 14! So, it almost feels like it's all new again.

Mandy, wow. Great to hear your twins are fighting fit!

evitas Fri 30-Nov-12 21:39:36

Wuxiapian - 30.5 is good smile

I was 26+6 when I had a horrible pain on my abdomen which was triggering contractions. Apparently I had an infection but the doctors could not find out what it was. I stayed in hospital for a week but after that I continued to have contractions and had to very careful - lots of bed rest. I managed to get to 35 weeks and DS was very health. He is now nearly 3 years old and it is a very lively boy.
My advice is: rest as much as possible and if you have any concerns or feel that something is not right just call your MW or hospital.

Good luck!
And good luck to you too Bionic

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