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a thread for mums with babies in scubu / similar right now?

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bytheseaside Wed 26-Sep-12 05:13:04

hi, id love some companysmile 1st baby, 3 days old, im so lucky she is doing well but its breaking my heart to not have her with me for cuddles etc. is there a current thread? or does anyone else fancy chatting? x

bytheseaside Wed 31-Oct-12 14:34:08

congrats fairimum and honeymum how are things going? I'm so thankful we had time for the steroids before baby arrived too - think the smooth ride we had with breathing in the hospital was due to that

thereistheball how is the bf going? I have such limited experience, but there seemed to be a turning point for us when it just started to work out, shifting from just a 'try' to a proper feed, then got better every day. I took all the help going, as I really didn't have much of a clue! (one of the many things I was going to read up on in the lost last 7 weeks of being pg ...)

hope everyone is doing ok today. we have been home 3 weeks now (I think - so tired!), we popped back to hospital for a blood test this week, and it made me cry to drive into the hospital grounds, which I wasn't expecting. It hit me how stresful it had been, and how everything changed so quickly for the better once we got home, I hope you all get home soon x

BB01 Tue 02-Jul-13 09:21:50

So many people have summed up how I feel right now! Our daughter was born ten days ago at 38 weeks with iugr, breathing issues and an infection. Medically she now seems completely fine but we're taking a while to get feeding on track. Stopped tube yesterday to try bf and bottle instead but terrified she'll have lost weight today as can't tell his much breast milk she's getting. We only started the new routine after a very proactive nurse returned from hol. Before then they just seemed to not to want to try reducing the tube feeds despite my massive milk supply. New nurse has hinted the other nurses sometimes just want an easy life by doing constant tube top ups just to be sure. This is the impression I had got myself. Feel v frustrated that she may be staying there longer than necessary due to reluctance of other nurses to move things forward. At same time am worried about rushing her if she really isn't ready. Have cried every day since she got there esp at night. Is so much harder than I ever imagined and yet feel guilty as there are so much people whose babies will be there for months and also feel I should just be glad she's here safely. Hope all those in similar situations especially OP find things improve for them soon. How are things going now OP? Sorry on mobile and can't remember your name!

BB01 Tue 02-Jul-13 09:23:21

Ah I see your baby is home now OP! Fantastic news and gives me hope.
:-) bet it was emotional going back to hospital. I think this experience will stay with me forever

NowFourSpuds Thu 11-Jul-13 23:10:09

Congratulations to all the new mums!

BB01 I found the last 2 weeks and trying to establish feeding really difficult. My twins were in for 19 weeks altogether and I was desperate to get them home. It seemed every nurse had a different take on bottle/ breast/ tube feeding. We also found out that they were being tube fed at night despite us asking for them to be cup fed to help establish breastfeeding.
Try and speak to a lead nurse about what you would like to happen with feeding and they could mention your wishes at handover, we found that helped as we then weren't getting different opinions from every different nurse.
Please don't feel guilty about how you are feeling, it doesn't matter if you're in NICU for 20 minutes of 20 weeks, any time there is too long!
I hope you get everything sorted soon and get your daughter home soon smile

BB01 Wed 21-Aug-13 16:57:30

So sorry for late reply Now Four. Thought I'd replied before! Thank you so much for all your advice. She came home with us on her due date and we feel so lucky still to have her home esp after all the initial feeding uncertainties x

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