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Opptimum, anyone?

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confuddledDOTcom Thu 30-Aug-12 22:19:20

I had a letter today telling me about this study. Not sure why they think I'm a candidate (20, 31, 35, 34 wink) but I thought it might be good anyway.

I think I have an irritable uterus because I generally begin contractions around 23 weeks, one time it involved being rushed across the country to a hospital who could take the baby if they didn't stop it, but fortunately I hung on for 35 weeks, 11 weeks of contractions! In one pregnancy I was having FFN about every two weeks because it had got to a point of 5 min apart, then next day would be back to an hour apart and get slowly closer together over the next two weeks. Last pregnancy it took longer to get that close together. I've had markers for IUGR in the last two pregnancies and the first of those actually was IUGR (she was the one who had me rushed across the country) so we had bit of a standoff between her and the doctors over whether she would decide it was time to come out or they would bring her out first.

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