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pregnancy after premature birth???

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LeBFG Mon 17-Sep-12 18:40:51

Hi AmyJane. I'm in a very similar situation to you. Currently 14 weeks into second after 33 weeker 18 months ago. I feel quite relaxed (last time had a 1st tri bleed too) but perhaps I won't be nearer the 33 week mark. This time, I'm being monitored for cervix length, even though IC was not thought to be the problem (no known reason in fact). I'm also having weekly progesterone jabs that sting like hell!

When I was contemplating a second, I did a little reading around the research. From recall, about half of all premature births have no attributable cause. For women who simply went into labour early (not IC, IUGR etc) there is about a 1 in 5 chance of the second arriving early. Now, a baby at 36 weeks is classed as early and I would be happy with this gestation so I decided to go for it. The progesterone studies sealed our decision: although studies vary in effect, it seems very clear that weekly progesterone for women (particular ones with no diagnosed problems) helps a lot to reduce uterine activity and postpones many preterm births, with more going full term.

Anyhow, fingers crossed all round.

mrsv2 Sun 02-Sep-12 07:09:19

Hi there..... My Dd1 was born at 29 weeks , 17 months ago I am currently 36+1 with DC2. Up until the point I was diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks I didn't receive any extra care. Scan and consultant at 20 weeks and then consultant and cervical scan 28 weeks and was given steroids then just in case. The GD has meant I now have 2 weekly appointments but without it the plan would have been normal care so I believe. It's hard not to worry I know but remember each pg is different and just because you had 1 early one doesn't mean you will again. I felt very anxious around the 28-29 week point but once that passed everyday feels like a bonus. Have just been in hospital with contractions and a positive fibronectin test so likely to give birth over the next couple of weeks. Good luck

vics1234 Thu 16-Aug-12 04:58:06

Hi AmyJane20. I am in a similar position as you. Had my first just over 2 years ago at exactly 30 weeks (no reason given). I am now 28wks with my second. I am really worried and would like any advise from anyone who has been through this. As I type it is 04.49am and I have been awake since midnight worrying.

What antenatal care have others received in this situation. I sought GP advice before trying for the 2nd but am unsure whether I am receiving the care I should be. 1st visit to consultant at 20 weeks (same time as scan) and got no advise there really. She asked to see me back at 26 weeks and when I arrived for appointment after waiting in consultation room for 20+minutes was greeted by a doctor who said he didnt not normally work on that ward but was only covering due to yearly doctors rotations happening that day. He looked in my handheld notes and said there was no need to see me again. (I was okay last time at 28 weeks too). He said this without examining me, however once he had wrote up the notes he did listen in to baby.

Was at midwife yesterday who said she will see me again at 32 weeks.

Am I being overly anxious or should someone be watching me... I didnt get to 32 weeks last time. I have had no extra scans etc. Consultant took swabs at 20weeks...presume they were okay because they havent been mentioned again. Had Fibronectrin test at 24 weeks as part of Opptimum trial.

Any comments greatly received

AmyJane20 Fri 10-Aug-12 20:02:14

Thanks guys smile , great to hear your experiences smile xx

Mandy21 Fri 10-Aug-12 12:36:19

Hi 1st pregnancy I went into labour at 27+4 and gave birth at 27+6. 2nd time I got to 39+6 (yehh!). It very much depends on why you went into labour prematurely the 1st time round but generally speaking, there is no automatic assumption to think there will be problems the 2nd time around. Good luck.

vvviola Fri 10-Aug-12 09:35:51

DD1 was technically premature (36 weeks) - I say technically because some docs have made a big deal out of it & others claim she was "close enough to make no difference".

DD2 was 39 weeks.

Very different pregnancies (a lot easier but more tiring on DD2) and births (PROM on DD1, approx 6 hour labour; got to 8cm on DD2 without feeling a contraction & waters were broken & she was born less than an hour later)

I will say that the doc had told me that I could expect DD2 any time from 35 weeks onwards & I had false labour at 34 weeks. Those were the longest, slowest 5 weeks of my life!! grin

kittycatlover Fri 10-Aug-12 09:29:45

I had DS 2 years ago at 35 weeks after PROM at 34 weeks. I am currently pregnant with DC2 and exactly 34 weeks today. Really nervous about getting though this next week as this is when it all kicked off last time. I am mentally willing myself to make it through each week one at a time and if I make it past 37 weeks then I'll be very happy.

As far as the pregnancy goes this time, it has been quite different. Last time I had some first trimester bleeding and a UTI which was supposedly resolved with antibiotics but to be honest, I didn't have much faith in the GP surgery I was with back then and wonder if the UTI was cleared up properly or played a role in the PROM as I know this can bring on pre-term labour. I've also read some research linking first trimester bleeding to PROM. I've had none of these problems this time and have been more closely monitored by the hospital and midwives. I am also trying to rest more and listen to my body.

Were you given a reason why they thought you went into labour early last time? I would hope you are also being monitored more closely this time too. I was given extra scans and had regular measurements taken of my cervix length in the second trimester as well as a fetal fibronectin test but since nothing abnormal showed up I am now back to weekly regular antenatal checks.

I have read many stories of women going on to have a full term pregnancy after a pre-term birth so it is possible. Let's hope we are both able to share similar success stories this time smile

AmyJane20 Thu 09-Aug-12 21:36:19

I had my first child 18 months ago although was born at 32weeks spontaneously, I'm now 11 weeks pregnant and just wondered if anyone else has had/or knows anyone that has had any experiences of this and what happened for them in their second pregnancy smile xx

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