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ImissMiniPop Thu 12-Jul-12 04:37:18

MiniPop hadn't been for a poo for nearly five days, he went last night and after googling decided the poop was normal, breastfed curry sauce consistency, and didn't think much of it.

Three hours later he's done another massive poo, looks the same as above, but was also sick after feeding last night, and now his tummy is gurgling away and making weird noises.

Is this just normal settling down of digestive system, or would the gurgling mean he's got a bug?

He was born at 30wks, and was 36wks on Monday (just gone), he's been in NICU for 6 weeks and we only got him home on Monday so I am terrified he's got a bug already. confused

I took temp this morning and it was fine, didn't do it just now as he hates being changed, and had to do it mid feed.

He's bottle fed expressed milk, but I am having to top up with formula (NP2) as I am not producing enough milk to fully feed him.

TeaandHobnobs Thu 12-Jul-12 04:47:59

IMissMiniPop I commented on our other thread, but I promise you, if I could show you DS's normal range of pooey nappies and sickyness, you wouldn't be worried wink

Some babies are just sicky anyway, and prem babies are more prone to it because their systems are more immature. DS wasn't really sick when on SCBU except if he had formula, as his tum struggled to digest it. However now (11 weeks, 3 weeks corrected) he could vomit for Britain! I mentioned it to the Neonatal consultant at his term check up, but he said it is no real cause for concern, just annoying in terms of mess and clothes changes required. But seek advice from SCBU if you are worried.

((reassuring hug))

Saritabean Thu 12-Jul-12 04:55:30

Hi minipopsmum and TandH!!

Sounds perfectly normal to me too- very similar to periwinkle- sometimes poos daily but more often than not a few days apart... And Then does a few, especially if she's had any formula- seems to gurgle and struggle (ie get more upset with) with poos abit more. If she's not had a poo for a few days she is more sick too.

Hope you're feeling reassured- you're doing great - its quite a transition coming home from hospital with them and it takes a while to settle down. Isn't MN great for being able to speak to others in the same boat grin

ImissMiniPop Thu 12-Jul-12 05:52:15

Thanks for the replies, I settled him down after last feed, but he just woke up being sick & crying.

His tummy is making all sorts of weird noises sad so I have got him lying on me and we're on the sofa as just took his temp and it's a bit low 36.0,so we're cuddling up.

Will give HV & community nurses at NICU a call in a few hours.

I think it's the tummy sounds which are worrying me. sad

TeaandHobnobs Thu 12-Jul-12 06:14:32

Poor minipop sad nice big cuddle will warm him up smile

DS often complains of feeling cold (he will cry with a wobbly lower jaw) even though he feels warm to touch, but my mum reminded me that he's just not got much fat on him to insulate himself.

V good idea to call later - hope they can give you some reassurance / advice.

sarita it's like our own little prem support group! smile

ImissMiniPop Thu 12-Jul-12 09:52:01

Thamks tea & sarita for our prem support group... taken another temp and it's back up to 36.8 after our mammoth cuddle session on the sofa grin no more poo, no more big voms (yet) and seemed to settle ok after 7:30 feed, even managed boobie for 5 mins smile

think it might just be digestive system getting used to NP2? who knows!!

hope you're both ok

Saritabean Thu 12-Jul-12 13:22:09

I agree with you - periwinkle chucked back most of the NP2 the first few times she had it!!! Im sure its a bit harder for them to digest.

And although she was quite settled on the unit, lying on her back, within a week of being home, it was hard to settle her on her back - v windy and upset, and had to resort to her going on her tummy to sleep- which is how it's stayed! We felt it was worth the unproven risk of cot death to get her and us to have some settled sleep! wink

Periwinkle is still v slow to gain weight... She's growing in length and head circumference, but exceptionally scrawny sad. Weighed today and put on 2.5oz in 3 days- I think that's not bad, but the nurse today (who is normally very reassuring) has started to agree with the consultant who is worried about her weight gain and I think we're gonna have to go into hospital for more investigations and to somehow top her up (although she's still refusing bottles, so hope she won't have to have the NG back) sad

I'll keep you posted!

TeaandHobnobs Thu 12-Jul-12 17:59:44

Poor periwinkle and sarita sad Hope something happens and she starts gaining a bit more - although I wouldn't sniff at 2.5oz in three days! Was that you who weighed her, or the nurses? What's her corrected age now?

Really hope she doesn't have to have the NG back. How is she refusing the bottles? (forgive my ignorance, I don't know much about babies bar my own and even then, not so much about him! so I don't know how a baby acts when it's refusing a bottle). It's not as if she is losing weight, so I don't see why they have to make such a song and dance about it?! It just stresses parents out so much!

Today we had a massive explosive poo (the leaky kind!), so I tried to change DS's nappy as quickly as possible given his utter rage at being semi-naked and the fire cold, but just as I had cleaned everything and was about to put the new nappy on, he graced me with a big wee and a bit more runny poo. Delightful grin I did tell him it was then his own fault that his nappy change was taking so long! Lots of being sick today as well, but thankfully I seem to have had muslins strategically placed at all times so it's not got on his clothes too much (although he is starting to whiff a bit now).

I can't win! He is sick on his clothes so they get wet and he gets cold, but then he complains when I change him into dry ones! Little monkey. Yesterday morning in bed, he did such an explosive vomit while feeding that it backfired all over his face grin Sorry, a bit TMI on my son's poo and vomit! blush

ImissMiniPop Thu 12-Jul-12 18:22:42

Tea that made me laugh out loud, poor DS... :O

MiniPop has had another poo, this time with green bits in it. I didn't phone HV or Neonatal nurses as I'd convinced myself there wasn't anything wrong, so now with the green poo I am mildly worried. He's still feeding ok, doesn't seem to have a temperature and seems to be the same otherwise.

Just had a google and I am hoping the green bits in the poo is because of the formula, rather than a tummy bug. I'll be devastated if he's caught a bug three days after getting him home. sad

Sarita I hope the tube doesn't have to go back in, poor Periwinkle, at least she is putting on weight, I guess all babies are different and will put on weight at a different rate. Fingers crossed it all goes ok.

TeaandHobnobs Thu 12-Jul-12 18:39:18

DS has had green poo on occasion. It's not unusual for a BF baby to have green poo sometimes, and I think you are right that the formula can cause green poo as well.

ImissMiniPop Sat 14-Jul-12 01:38:12

Day 5 of Minipop being home and he's had a really funny tummy, neonatal nurses say it's his digestive system getting used to the new formula he is on.

Anyway, just did the midnight feed following a complete nsppy/clothes change due to sick, then he did the most massive explosive poo, had to do another complete change, and the he was sick again (as I had changed him too soon after feed).

Ran out of cotton wool rug couldn't find emergency wipes, then Minipop peed everywhere. Over me the towel rail floor etc....

My oh my god what a night... And it's not over yet.. DP fast asleep with earplugs in. Bah!

SO is this also just digestive system settling down, or could it be a bug?

nannyof3 Sat 14-Jul-12 04:07:08

Think your baby might be losing to many fluids, i would take him back in if i was you! Better safe than sorry

TeaandHobnobs Sat 14-Jul-12 06:32:20

I think it was just coincidence those things all happened one after the other. If minipop still seems alert as usual and you continue to have an appropriate number of wet nappies, I wouldn't suspect dehydration, as nannyof3 seems to be suggesting.
But if you are concerned, call the nurses again. Are they due to come visit anytime soon? If they see the vomiting first hand, they can advise if it's normal or not. DS vomited several times at his last consultant appointment, but I was told it is not a cause for concern.

ImissMiniPop Sat 14-Jul-12 07:13:54

He certainly doesn't have a problem with wet nappies..! smile I've taken temp a couple of times (it's fine) and he's looking around when feeding and still screaming at nappy changes grin

And he's having around 10 feeds a day, just guzzled down 60mls as missed 3am feed due to being sick...

Tea only HV due to visit next week, but can call neonatal nurses if worried. The vomits aren't large really, at the moment, will keep an eye on him though.

He's find sleeping on front on me, but as soon as you out him in cot on back he's a tiny bit siclk confused

TeaandHobnobs Sat 14-Jul-12 08:28:58

DS is exactly the same - I've even propped his crib mattress up at one end, but it hasn't made a difference.

It's fun and games trying to catch the vomit in the muslin after a feed - take your eye off his mouth for a second...! I've even taken to having a towel on the bed, or the mattress will be ruined.

Saritabean Sat 14-Jul-12 09:09:08

And periwinkle- it must be a prem baby trait! Muslins everywhere and one over her Moses basket mattress where her head rests, and one permanently on my shoulder! I even tuck one down my top and round her neck when she's in the sling to stop it going down my cleavage!!!! grin

Sounds like minipop's doing great if he's having 10 feeds, and you mustn't worry about missing one here and there.

Handsfullandinamuckingfuddle Sun 15-Jul-12 22:26:37

Hi Imiss - Congratulations on getting minipop home.
My DT's were also sicky babys. A small ammount is probably nothing to worry about. Very common in prem babies as others have mentioned.
Good Luck ( not that you need it) smile

Saritabean Mon 16-Jul-12 01:21:01

Hi all, hope all ok with minipop and minihobnob...?!

Had an exhausting w/e here trying to get periwinkle to take a bottle- still refuses it, and with such upset, crying, wind and then often vomit that she has not been feeding great from me either at times sad

We're trying everything with the bottle, even when she's sleep sucking, in the bouncer, once per feed cycle, and stopping as soon as she gets upset, but still not interested in sucking it at all...

Think I'm gonna have to stop trying for a few days, both for my sake, and to settle her down a bit for her to feed better from me so she doesn't start to actually lose weight....

ImissMiniPop Mon 16-Jul-12 02:02:50

oh sarita! poor Periwinkle sad Minipop is the other way, good with a bottle but gets horribly confused and frustrated when using bottle face on boobie & wonders why no milk.

more sicky episodes today, but we couldn't get him burped very well for some reason!

Saritabean Mon 16-Jul-12 03:09:04

We should get minipop and periwinkle together to share their skills!!!!! He he he- I can just see it!!! grin

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