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UTI and contractions

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Sparklesandglitter Wed 11-Jul-12 06:48:31

Hi I'm just wondering if anybody can give me advice?i have been having contractions since Sunday and was admitted to the antenatal ward late Monday where I have been ever sixe. They diagnosed a UTI, although it only showed on the test late Monday afternoon. They gave me corsicosteroids and I have been on anticontraction meds since yesterday which has slowed down the contractions from 4 in 10 mins to about 1 every 10 (at the last monitoring). They have said that they can't rule out preterm labour due to my cervix shortening but now show/waters as yet. I'm nearly 34 weeks, has anybody been in a similar situation?if so what happened? Thanks, I will also post this in childbirth

ImissMiniPop Thu 12-Jul-12 14:56:05

hi sparkles
it's positive that your waters and show havent appeared, and you're in the best place. I had my LO at 30 weeks, the steroids really helped his lungs. He's now sleeping away in his bassinet trumping like a goodun grin and he's home with us at 36 weeks.

It's incredibly scary when things don't go as planned, but 34 weeks isn't a bad gestation, so stay positive smile

Keep us posted x

Mandy21 Thu 12-Jul-12 15:25:42

Hi there - I think a UTI caused my prem labour too - I was contracting (without realising) for quite a few hours before I got to hospital but I'd already started to dilate (I was 3cm when I arrived at hospital). I was told the medication would only stop the contractions temporarily because I'd started to dilate. The implication was therefore that if I hadn't started to dilate, they might have been able to stop the whole process. My contractions started again 48 hours later and my twins were born at 27+6.

I know its frightening at any point in the pregnancy to think you might give birth early, but at 34 weeks, your baby is a good gestation. You're in the best place if you're in hospital already. Good luck.

Valdeeves Sat 06-Oct-12 04:07:00

Yes don't worry - I had my Borgnine because if bladder related
issues I'm sure at 35 and 33 weeks. Both had roughly a two week stay and were fine. Don't worry cxxxx

Valdeeves Sat 06-Oct-12 04:07:21

Both mine not borgine!!

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