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Pregnant again after IUGR pregnancy and low PAPP-A levels again... Any experience anyone?

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Millymolliemandy Thu 28-Jun-12 20:11:05


So first DD born at 31 weeks with severe IUGR, weighing 923g, pregnant again a little earlier than planned and just got full results back from nuchal screen. PAPP-A is 0.39MoM - we've come back as low risk for downs, but have been told the PAPP-A reading is not terrible but not great either.

Have any of you lovely ladies had low PAPP-A again in subsequent pregnancies? If so what was the outcome?

From what I remember the PAPP-A for DD was 0.03, which is about as low as it gets...

Feeling like we may need to contemplate the horror of bracing ourselves for another stressful pregnancy/premature delivery/small baby. I know low PAPP-A doesn't always indicate a problem (and the uterine atery scans/dopplers are a much more accurate indicator) but in our case, after last time, we fear it might...


clabsyqueen Wed 25-Jul-12 01:24:18

Congratulations MMM! I hope to join you soon in the terror that is a second pregnancy after a premmie! I will watch this thread with interest. Good luck!

Julezboo Wed 25-Jul-12 01:58:29

Unsure what PAPP is!

I had ds2 after ds1 was born after severe Iugr. I had a Doppler scan at 24 weeks which put me at high risk of developing it again. However ds2 was born at 38 weeks weighing 7lb 1.

Also went onto to have ds3, @ 34 weeks but weighed 7lb 3 grin

Pregnancy CAN go smoothly after a preemie smile mine is ten now n got n friend over n still wide awake!!! Yapping away!

SleepyFergus Wed 25-Jul-12 03:18:27

I don't know of this helps as I've not had a premature birth, but my PAPP-A with my DD2 was 0.17 and she was 5 days late. (My DD1 arrived on her due date.)

This PAPP-A rating meant I was high risk so we had an amnio and results came back clear. Nothing was said to me about my low PAPP-A and it was down to that alone that I was classed high risk.

I did a little research on PAPP-A and understand that sometimes it can just be 'one of those things' - that one day you get a crap reading and other days it's 'normal'. But with your previous premature birth I can understand why you might be concerned. I would talk to your doc/MW/consultant and see if you will be offered additional support.

Good luck! smile

Millymolliemandy Thu 26-Jul-12 11:00:07

Thanks everyone, I know it can just be one of those things and did go into the pregnancy wildly optimistic that everything could go just fine, and now obviously stressing. Great to hear some good news stories about fat term babies! 19 weeks on Friday, and consultant led under the extremely lovely and capable lady who looked after us last tme, told we must wait for the uterine atery dopplers at 24 weeks which will give a better indication of what to expect.

Clabsy; lovely to hear from you, hope you LO is doing well.

clabsyqueen Thu 26-Jul-12 23:14:45

19 weeks. Well done! I won't ask about femur length and placental pressure as I'm sure youre keen that these aren't issues this time around! I am afraid to say that throughout my entire drama I never once had cause to consult Dr Google about PAPP so can't help there but I'm so glad you went into your second pregnancy wildly optimistically. Only way to stay sane! Keep updating please.

Millymolliemandy Thu 06-Sep-12 15:41:28

A happy update at 25 weeks; just had my consultant scan and dopplers and baby, placenta and fluid all looking great! Being seen in another 4 weeks. Will now remain cautiously optimistic; obviously won't relax until I have an actual baby in my arms. How are you getting on clabsy???

clabsyqueen Tue 11-Sep-12 22:45:38

Hardly ever check here anymore but just did and what lovely news! 25 weeks! Well done you! But yes - its bit over til the fat lady sings/screams as we know. All good here. Celebrated 1 year out of hospital at the weekend by crying most of the day! Currently have mental note of all fertile periods from now til the end of 2013. Wish me luck :-)

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