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Baby after preemie

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Mandy21 Thu 21-Jun-12 12:49:20

I had twins at 27+6, and then Number 3 arrived at 39+6 grin.

I was the same as you, very anxious, even more so around 27 weeks, but I just kept telling myself that every day was a bonus, I was getting the best possible care (as the medical staff were on notice this time!) and that even if Number 3 did arrive early, we'd got through it once and we'd get through it again. I'm not sure it worked entirely, but I really tried hard to stay positive.

Good luck.

bronze Wed 20-Jun-12 14:02:09

I had my dd at 27+
Then had my last at 38 weeks smile

HalleLouja Wed 20-Jun-12 14:00:55

I had my first 1t 34 weeks and second at 36 weeks. Completely different experience as although DD was still technically premmie we avoided SCBU. Although we were in hospital a little while with jaundice and low blood sugar. She is 12 months now and a monkey grin.

I think if you have had one premmie you are 20% likely to have another. Which is slightly higher than normal but not that high. My friend had a 28 weeker then a 38 weeker.

mrsv2 Mon 11-Jun-12 11:19:52

Hi there, i posted last night on the pregnancy thread wondering how many weeks other children were born at following a premmie. My DD was born last year at 29.0weeks and i am currently 24+2 with DC2 and have been given a high chance of another premmie as there was no known cause for DD1 coming early. I am currently quite relaxed as i know there was nothing i could have done differently last time but not sure how i will feel as the date gets closer. We are on holiday on those crucial weeks but DH listened to me and we are only going 2hrs away.

Gonnabe Sun 10-Jun-12 22:28:27

How is everyone getting on? I had a 25 weeker last yr - he's 13 months now and I'm pregnant again and v v scared

Snowboarder Thu 17-May-12 11:08:29

Hi Magic,

I'm pg with my second DC after DS1 (14 months - 11 corrected) was born after PPROM at 28 weeks. Like you, it was an EMCS and he spent the first couple of months in NICU and SCBU, although is now fit and well (he crawled for the first time yesterday!!)

I was very anxious about being pg again as I have no good associations whatsoever about pg (I had IVF and horrendous bleeds up to 16 weeks as well as the premature birth so the whole thing was a nightmare tbh). This time around I have been in complete denial about the pregnancy up until 23 weeks (viability) and then I became extremely anxious. Luckily someone on this board put me in touch with Bliss (the premature baby charity) who offer free counselling sessions so I've been having those for the past few weeks. I'm now almost 29 weeks pg (beat my 'personal best' at least!) and as each day passes I'm starting to feel a teeny tiny bit better - DS1 is also a fantastic distraction!

I have been told that it's unlikely that I will make it to term this time around as I have a complicated obstetric history (have had cervical cancer previously and hardly any cervix now to speak of) BUT I'm trying to approach the remainder of my pg in manageable chunks and celebrate the small goals (30/32/34/36 weeks).

Why not look into counselling with Bliss - even though I was very skeptical they really helped me. I hope everything goes ok for you this time around. I'm look forward to moaning about how big/ achey I am in a few weeks as I have never had that before. No doubt we'll both be posting on the pg forum in a few months complaining of the same. Fingers crossed!

lexielexielexie Thu 10-May-12 19:52:57


I had my first child at 23 weeks and 5 days and spent 17 weeks in hospital, so very very premature!!

I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant with my second, and from now on in it's all new territory... I'm petrified that this little one will be premature as well, so each day is a relief... how far gone are you?

Magic69 Mon 07-May-12 21:36:08

Hi i am expecting baby number 2 and i am worried....

i had PRE with my first baby and he was taken out via emergency C section at 30 weeks- he spent 6 weeks in NICU and i had terrible bonding issues. He is healthy now and we have come a long way- but starting all over again, I am getting concerns that PREM will happen again and I dont think I can go through it all again.

Has anyone here had a full term child after a preemie ? Has anyone had PRE second time round?

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