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thread for those pregnant after previous preterm birth

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KD0706 Fri 16-Sep-11 22:22:45

Hi all
My DD was born at 31+1, as far as I know there was no reason found for why she came early.

I'm now 11 wks pg with DC2 and I've been told that when I have my first scan appointment I'll also have a consultant appointment to discuss how this pregnancy will be managed, answer any concerns I have etc.

I'm sure the consultant will no doubt cover everything but I thought I'd go in with a list just in case I forget something in the meeting and then later wish I'd addressed it.

My current thoughts are

1 brief chat about DD, what happened with her, confirm whether it was unexplained etc

2 chances of another prem birth (think I was told at the time 1 in 3 chance, and likely to be at same stage)

3 elcs or vbac (dd was emcs). If Caesarian then how will that be managed in a premature labour (with DD I was having regular contractions for four days before I was in 'proper' labour)

4 what if any extra scans or checks will I have? Will I have steroid injections as a matter of course - if so when?

5 I considered mentioning the progesterone pessary which I think has had some good trial results. Presumably not available on nhs but maybe privately?

6 what to do if I do start contractions again. Do I go in immediately I feel a twinge or wait till I'm sure it's something? And will they put me on the drip to try to stop it again?

If anybody has any other thoughts or any experiences they'd be willing to share I'd be v grateful.

BadNails Mon 27-Feb-12 18:43:09

Great news KD, hopefully this is a short trip in NICU for the both of you. Fingers crossed for a hot cot and clothes. Ah, clothes, what a good day it is when that happens smile

My DD is doing really well, thank you for asking. HV has been and DD is a whiff off weighing 6lbs!!

Hope it's a good day for everyone x

Bearcrumble Wed 29-Feb-12 13:59:03

It's lovely to hear that she doesn't need the antibiotics - and great news about the feeds.

Is she in her cot today? Have you been able to have many cuddles?

Any pics?

KD0706 Thu 01-Mar-12 12:23:29

Pleased your DD is doing well badnails, you guys have been through so much.

My DD2 is doing well. In the hot cot a couple of days ago and keeping her body temperature really well. She's still on 33ml every three hours, she's being possetting her milk a bit (teeny pukes) so they are adding thickener to her milk.

The past two days she's put on 40g and 50g and is now just 10g off her birth weight, which at 9 days old is I think spot on timing.

She's not really showing any interest in feeding, but she should just be 33+2 so I guess it's early days. Yesterday she kind of latched on to my boob, her lips were curled round my nipple the correct way. But she didn't feed, she just kind of made little lapping motions. She came away with milk around her mouth though so hopefully she's getting the idea.

The nurses are encouraging me to try her on the boob at least once a day so I'll be trying again before her 2pm feed today.

efeslight Thu 01-Mar-12 16:17:38

super news KD, sounds like she's doing really well, i remember the lovely little licks i used to get, like a tiny little rabbit... pleased to hear she's in a heated cot, its certainly looks less scary in there.

we are ok, now have CTG once a week, and the clexane certainly seems to have done its job, we have an expected weight of 1800gr at 33 weeks, a whole kilo more than my little boy, so feeling less worried now, hope everyone is doing well.x

KD0706 Mon 05-Mar-12 17:43:30

Hi. Hope everybody is well.

DDs weight has been a bit up and down so at two weeks old she's still 50g under birthweight. But she seems to be on the up now fingers crossed.

She should be 34 weeks tomorrow.

Her feeds are up at 37ml every three hours with thickener in it as she had some vomits. She's still a sicky baby occasionally but just a mouthfull a couple of times a day.

She's in a normal cot as she was keeping herself warm. She just went in today so I have my fingers crossed she stays there.

Feeds still all tube feeds but today she started to breastfeed, but gave up after about thirty seconds. Still pleased that she gave it a go. Fingers crossed she might start to take bottles / breast in the next week or so. I want her home!!!

capecath Fri 09-Mar-12 13:08:49

Hey KD, thanks for sharing your experiences here. Glad to hear your little one sounds like she is progressing just fine and hopefully you'll have her home in no time. Hang in there!

And glad I have found this thread. DS was born at 33 weeks which I know wasn't super early and he was ok (in hospital for 4 weeks but only because he was early really), but I am now 17 weeks with DC2 and growing increasingly paranoid about giving birth prematurely again. I dream about it most night and regularly wake up with my hands on my tummy. Don't think I realised how much it must have affected me at the time! It scared me so much when he came out not breathing and I regret that I wasn't able to hold him right away like you imagine doing.

It's so frustrating not knowing what caused it. They think it might have been a low-lying placenta which started coming away (the placenta def started coming away anyway) but as far as I know they don't know cause for sure. Have a consultant appointment booked for 24 weeks so will hopefully get some answers then and also will get another scan at 32 weeks.

How are you managing with looking after your other DD?

KD0706 Sun 11-Mar-12 14:36:43

Hello everybody and especially capecath

DD is doing well though obviously I'm wishing she would progress quicker.
She is in normal non heated cot. Keeping all her feeds down and putting on weight well. She is two kilo today!

The past two days she has managed two bottles a day. The rest are tube feeds. She's not really getting breast feeding. But my DD1 'got' bottles about two or three weeks before she started breast feeding. So maybe DD2 will be the same.

It is hard spending as much time as I'd like at hospital because of DD1. We don't have any family around so I'm relying heavily on friends and feel bad for abandoning DD1 with a different friend each day.

Practically it is much harder this time round. But emotionally it's not as bad, I think having been here before makes it easier to cope emotionally.

I am of course knackered with the expressing and caring for DD1 and visiting hospital as much as I can. DH is going away for work today, back on Thursday. So this will be a hard week. But I don't imagine I'm any more tired than any other mum who has a toddler and an almost three week old.

KD0706 Sun 11-Mar-12 14:38:26

Ps capecath you might like to look into the optimum (sp?) trial to see if your hospital are taking part, and think if its something youd like to do. I took part but I imagine I was on the placebo drug. Or else progesterone isn't as good as the Internet says it is.

SparklyGothKat Tue 13-Mar-12 14:18:50

Quick update! I'm 23 weeks and finally ,after changing consultants, I have progesterone pessaries!! I couldn't believe it when she offered it to me. I jumped at the chance and nearly cried with happiness. I could have kissed her! grin

iowmum88 Thu 15-Mar-12 10:24:54

Hay KD hope all is well sounds like ur juggling everything brilliantly and DD2 is doing extremely well. Must be very difficult trying to keep DD1 in the loop. Even if I get to term I have no idea how I'm going to manage 2 kids seems impossible at the min.

Am 29 weeks now have got SPD which is a bit of a nightmare but can live with it.

KD did u start to worry when u were coming up to the time u had 1st DD or did u just not worry and had the mentality of if it happens it happens?

Bearcrumble Thu 22-Mar-12 08:34:55

KD Hope things are still ok. How do you feel at the moment? How is she doing? I hope she 'twigs' about BFing soon, but you've done brilliantly whatever. Any idea when she might come home?

I'm having my caesarian in 2 weeks time (as long as I don't go into natural labour before that). I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow.

I've been very lucky not to have a repeat of the high blood pressure/IUGR this time round. I guess the main difference is that this was a natural pregnancy rather than an IVF one. Keeping my fingers crossed that the remaining 2 weeks are as uneventful as the rest of the pregnancy.

How's everyone else?

efeslight Thu 22-Mar-12 09:14:57

Hello to KD, Bear and everyone else,

over 35 weeks now and all going fairly well, still injecting clexane, which you have to stop taking before a c-section, or causes bleeding in the spine at the sight of pain relief injection, so just waiting to see what happens, nothing planned as yet.

GD test was negative so one less thing to worry about.

growth has slowed down a little, down to about 5th percentile, so slight IUGR, but nothing like as serious as last time. one uterine artery still working ok.

hope your little girl is stilll doing well KD, i hope you can start planning her homecoming soon.

glad to hear you have got this far Bear.

KD0706 Thu 22-Mar-12 18:20:33

Wow bear and efeslight you guys are doing fab to have carried your babies so long. iowmum fingers crossed you'll be the same. Hope the spd doesn't get worse for you.

Well, our big news is that DD came home yesterday. Fully on bottle feeds, but I managed a breastfeed at her 12 o'clock feed today and she refused a bottle top up. Slightly less successful at 4 with her only taking one side of boob and drinking about 25-30 ml from a bottle. (usual feeds 70-80ml). But previous to today her best effort involved latching on, sucking a few times and going to sleep.

So fingers crossed we will get there.

We are no way going to risk having another baby after this latest experience but I am very content to have my family completed and to have two healthy daughters (DD2 certainly has no identified problems, and DD1 is doing super).

I will pop in now and again to see how you are all doing, and I hope you are all as blessed as me. smile

Bearcrumble Thu 22-Mar-12 18:27:07

I am so happy to hear that she is home with her family. Congratulations!

iowmum88 Fri 23-Mar-12 20:25:28

Congratulations KD must be so good to have her home!!

Bearcrumble Mon 26-Mar-12 16:40:37

Hi all,

efeslight - Sorry to hear that you have IUGR again, but hopefully you'll reach term before having to deliver. Hope you are still doing ok.

IOWmum How is your SPD? Is everything else ok?

I saw my consultant today and unfortunately my blood pressure has gone right up since last Monday. It was 105/70 then but today it was 142/89 - so he's started me on medication to bring it down and I am going back in on Wednesday at lunchtime. I don't know if you remember but with my DS I had pregnancy induced hypertension and IUGR which all started at around 28 weeks so I've done a lot better to get this far. He scanned me and the baby is slightly above the 50th centile (estimated weight 7lb 3oz) and all the dopplers are fine. I shouldn't be worried but I did have a cry when I got home. I only have 10 days til my caesarian and I'm sure that if my consultant is at all concerned he will just bring it forward. I'm 37w 3d now so any time is fine.

Bearcrumble Mon 26-Mar-12 16:41:07

And of course KD - how are you? Would love to hear how the little girl is doing at home?

efeslight Mon 09-Apr-12 09:21:48

Hello everyone, we now have a little girl at home with us, born at 37 weeks, weighing 2100 grammes/4lb 11oz, so quite small, but healthy.

I went to the hospital about 2 weeks ago (on a sat night after a wedding!) as i thought i had noticed less movement, they kept me in and did an ultrasound then and there on the Saturday night and again on the wed showing growth had pretty much stopped and the baby was quite small.

We then tried for 4 days to induce labour, with the gel. Constant CTGs, about 8 hours a day, showed some drops in her heart rate occasionally, so on the fourth day when there was no real progress with the induction, we decided to have a c-section.

She only stayed in hospital for four days to make sure she was putting on some weight and to check her glucose levels which were up and down.

She is actually smaller (less than the 3rd centile) than her big brother when he came home after 3 months, but obviously without the complications of prematurity.

As she is small and quite weak, i am again attached to the medela symphony breast pump, hoping that we have more success in this area than last time.

Hope it has all gone to plan Bearcrumble, and happy to hear you are all happy at home KD.

iowmum88 Mon 09-Apr-12 14:35:10

efeslight congratulation!! Sounds a little traumatic to begin with but glad you are both well and home!
Had a scan last week (32 weeks) to see how baby is growing and he's doing fine weighing around 4lbs so totally bang on average for now. Fingers crossed he stays in a little longer.
Hope everyone else is doing well.

Bearcrumble Wed 11-Apr-12 12:34:25

Congratulations, Efeslight. So glad baby girl is here and healthy - albeit a bit small. Great that you didn't have to spend long in hospital. Good luck with breastfeeding.

I had my little girl, Marianne, on the 5th April by elective caesarian. My BP went up a bit but was well controlled with tablets. I was 38w 6d. She weighed 6lb exactly. We stayed in two nights. She's doing fine, still very sleepy but seems to be feeding well - except that she doesn't open her mouth very wide and prefers to just suck the nipple rather than the whole areola. My boobs feel massive but she's pooing and weeing a lot so I'm hoping as she gets bigger she'll latch on a bit more the way she should.

Hope everyone else is doing ok. KD how are you?

clabsyqueen Thu 12-Apr-12 22:16:10

Congratulations Efeslight! And good luck Bearcrumble!

clabsyqueen Thu 12-Apr-12 22:17:39

So sorry! That should be congratulations to you too Bearcrumble!

KD0706 Tue 17-Apr-12 21:27:07

I'm so pleased I popped back here. Huge congratulations efeslight and bearcrumble

If somebody had said back at the start of this thread that your pregnancies would be so successful (and long!) I bet you wouldn't have believed it.

How is the feeding going? Still on the pump efeslight ?

We have managed to get DD ebf and her weight gain is good. It's her due date today. She had her first lot of vaccines today poor pet. She was weighed and is now 6lb 11oz. She seems proper newborn baby sized.

Also I notice we are all having girls, how lovely!

missjulie Fri 15-Jun-12 00:58:12

Hope you don't mind me posting this here..

A friend posted a Michael Jackson video on the birth trauma association FB page, along with a comment that her sister had said after she was asked how she was feeling. She replied, "i just feel like screaming, but i know if i do, i might never stop."
Michael Jackson's, "Cry" -

My friend also added to BTA, "imagine a certain day, time and place....lets do it! "
Well, the response was amazing, so many women who have gone through birth trauma thought it was an amazing idea, so my friend wrote to the birth trauma association, and they were absolutely thrilled with the idea, and when it is all arranged, it will be filmed, and used as a video for raising awareness. So my friend, her sister, me and some other lovely ladies, are in the process of writing to singers/songwriters, to see if they would like to write some music for the video, and also finding a venue. We are also writing to stars who we know of that have endured birth trauma.
Its very exciting!
My friend writes, "Personally, this is for my sister, for all she has gone through in the last 2 months, for the women who have been a great help and support to her, and for everyone who has suffered a traumatic time in childbirth."

I know of so very many women that have been affected by childbirth, and suffered some sort of trauma.
Please comment if you like this idea and if you would like to be involved in this too, in the video with us. Please feel free to message me, or to share with this with anyone and everyone. The more people the better! Spread the word! Sorry for duplicating this post!

This is such an exciting venture!

Let's spread the word about birth trauma, and help women!

Thank you! Julie xxxx

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