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baby turned blue and stopped breathing

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tiggersreturn Fri 09-Sep-11 17:30:55

This happened last night with dt2 while bf. I thought I'd killed him and we're currently trying reflux medication. Any experiences? Night consultant said it might be milk up wrong tube and could be one off. Day one is trying for reflux. Dts born at 33+4 and now 37+3.

Advice gratefully received as feeling horribly worried that it might happen again and that my feeding caused it.

harrygracejessica Fri 09-Sep-11 22:16:28

Both of my 2nd set have breathing problems (first set were 33+3 and were fine) this set were 36+5 and one was rescussitated on the table and on c-pap in scbu and has since stopped breathing on me once and they both have episodes of struggling to breathe at night so on reflux meds - sma staydown and ranitidine as normal milk was too thin so just dribbled out of the mouth (was most odd) 2nd one also had a spasm in theatre for a routine op and went blue etc but has been found to have an abnormally small airway.

It seriously could just be a one off but I understand its not going to stop you worrying!!! what have they put them on meds wise???

WorzselMummage Fri 09-Sep-11 22:22:44

My DS (27wks) used to have terrible apnoeas due to reflux. He had to be resuscitated once after breastfeeding sad

Medication helped loads and we continued bf till 18 monthsish so dont think you ave to stop. Dont faff about with gaviscon, its a real pain in the arse with a breastfed baby and doesn't really make much difference anyway, hopefull they will give you something more suited to boob babies.

Congratulations, and well done on the breastfeeding smile

efeslight Sat 10-Sep-11 21:13:01

our little boy used to stop breathing while feeding from the bottle and it was difficult working out why -
-possibly the flow of milk was too fast for him (the hole in the teat too big) or the hole was too small and he had to work too hard to get the milk out
-or we were stressing him by moving the teat around in his mouth
-or taking it out in a mistaken attempt to give him time to catch his breath.
We ended up going back into hospital to be observed feeding and to be honest i was so stressed at that time that i didnt want to feed him by myself in case it happened again.
I understand not all these potential causes may not apply to you as you are bf, but how was your milk flow at the time? was the baby's nose/mouth completely clear of the rest of the boob? i always used to worry when we tried to bf that he was being suffocated just by the weight of the boob, his little head was so small.

what did you do to re-start the breathing because it was thankfully effective. We were advised to rub his feet/hands or even pinch his foot to cause a little pain if necessary to stimulate a breath.
I would ask what you should do if god forbid it ever happens again. My husband had to give him mouth to mouth resus once and if it would make you feel more confident can you ask one of the Drs to show you how to do this then practice at home on a doll, so you feel a little more prepared. My best wishes are with you, this is obviously an extremely difficult issue.

tiggersreturn Sat 10-Sep-11 23:43:16

Prescribed renatidine and gaviscon. I got the paed to show me what to do if it happens again. Model used was dt2 as plastic one was missing.

I don't know if my boob was blocking an airway hence the guilt but hospital seemed convinced that it was choking based on my account and xray. now home again. Thanks for all your advice has made me feel much better.

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