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Discharge planning meeting

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scrambled Fri 17-Jun-11 21:51:04

We had identical twin girls on 11 May, 10 weeks early. They are in NICU at Southmead in Bristol. We're booked in for our discharge planning meeting this Tuesday (hurrah!) I'm wondering if there is anything I should ask, my brain feels like mashed potato at the moment and I'm worried there's something really obvious/important i should find out about!
Questions I have thought of to ask so far are:
Do they need a RSV vaccination?
When will they have their vaccinations?
Will they have a car seat challenge before they go home?
What developmental followup will there be?

Anything else anyone thinks I should ask or wished they had asked? Thanks in advance (off to bed to make the most of unbroken sleep)

ilovemydogandMrObama Fri 17-Jun-11 21:56:22

what about asking about the growth charts and how their growth will be 'corrected?' For instance, on the growth chart, the weight and height is plotted against age. How will theirs reflect this?

johnworf Sun 19-Jun-11 21:14:47

I would ask if you will be receiving regular check ups from an outreach nurse from the unit. Ours came everyday at first for about 2 weeks. These are useful and comforting for you in case you have any worries or concerns. Mine came until we were fully established at home.

As for the RSV, it varies from postcode to postcode but rule of thumb is it's usually given to those babies going on home oxygen. Still, it's worth asking.

Babies are usually corrected until they are 2 years of age although my DD has her 2.5 development check slap bang in the middle of her actual and her corrected age.

You'll have to grow a thick skin and take big pinches of salt with people like HV's who usually have little or no experience of prems.

I'd ask the staff on the unit if it's ok to ring them if you have any big concerns about your twins that can't wait. They're usually good to take phone calls in the first few weeks home.

We also got a 'pass' that enabled us to bypass A&E and go straight to the Children's Ward should we have needed it. It was a letter from the paediatrician explaing everything about our DD, her medical history etc. It just saves you explaining and also saves time waiting around.

Good luck getting your twins home. It feels like an eternity that you've been in the hospital and the moment you've geared up for for so long is finally here. Fantastic!!! xx

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