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my son was 6 weeks premature and trying for 2nd baby.

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iowmum88 Thu 31-Mar-11 22:01:56

hi my son is nearly 2 and we are trying for another but i am so scared its going to happen again. i don't know why it occurred the only thing i can think off is stress no midwives or health visitors ever asked me any questions or tried to figure out why it happened.
just need advise and if anyone has any statistics on the subject that would be fantastic.

bessie26 Thu 31-Mar-11 22:07:58

DD arrived at 33+5 (they didn't know why)

I've had extra scans & steroid injections with #2. At one point I had 5 possible reasons why it could come early too, but am 38wks tomorrow so will soon be freaking out about being overdue! grin

Try not to worry (easier said than done I know!)

bessie26 Thu 31-Mar-11 22:10:28

I just remembered I started this thread about it too!

iowmum88 Thu 31-Mar-11 22:44:52

thank you n congratulations hope it all goes well with #2

feelinkindacrazy Tue 16-Aug-11 22:11:29

Hi there - hope this isn't too late,

My ds was born at 34 weeks by emergency c-section due to reduced movements and when born was very poorly suffering from lack of blood and oxygen - they were never able to give me any answers except that I'm lucky to have him with us. My ds is now four and a half and we also have a dd just turned one. I can so sympathise with how you are feeling as it took me a long time to take that step and try for number 2 for fear of it happening again.

Have you seen a consultant? I did before I fell pregnant and got a referal from my gp. I met to discuss my fears and he advised on my care once I fell pregnant - I was seen regularly and given additional medication and then scanned every 2 weeks in the third trimester and ctg scans twice weekly from 33 weeks and all this really helped to reduce my stress levels.

My dd was born at 38 weeks by elective section and the birth and she was perfect. I hope this helps - go see you gp and try get a referal so you can understand your care and reduce any worry.

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