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Abortion bleeding.

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Talkabtit101 Sun 14-Feb-21 17:18:45

Hi, started the abortion process yesterday at 10:30am with the mifepristone. Then took the 4 tablets orally at 10-45am, within 30 mins just after they dissolved spotting and cramping started, cramping gradually got worse until 1:45 when I felt a gush then felt two large clots come out, since then I've had heavy bleeding, with smaller clots and also passed another large clot. I did take the additional two tablets, at around 2-45 aswell. Cramping is now mild, but I'm feeling clots and blood coming out still, is this normal? how do you know when too much blood is coming out. As I did only take the first set of pills around 6 hours ago.. does this seem normal? I have leaked once and have been sitting on toilet at it feels like it's a tap.

Any advice is appreciated.

Was between 7-8 weeks.

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Mel1917 Sun 14-Feb-21 18:02:52

This all sounds totally normal if can offer any reassurance at all. Exactly like my experience however I was a little earlier on. I can especially relate to it feeling like a tap 🙈 all good signs. The bleeding will continue for a while yet x

Talkabtit101 Sun 14-Feb-21 18:52:35

@Mel1917 thank you! Also got an ache in my neck and runny poos now, and my cheeks are sore from second set of pills. Bleeding seems ok at the minute though x

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Talkabtit101 Sun 14-Feb-21 20:52:23

Does any body know how soon after an infection would start? I'm on about septic shock, the serious infections?

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Nicolanomore24 Sun 14-Feb-21 21:29:06

This was my experience too, the bleeding was really very heavy for a good few days. I to sat on the toilet for the best part of the day. Next period will probably be very heavy too.

Talkabtit101 Sun 14-Feb-21 21:55:27

It's quite strange as it was fast after taking the first set of pills. Only had spotting and then passed the pregnancy and then started heavy bleeding. I'm just panicking about infections and that now

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cranberrypie Sun 14-Feb-21 22:39:58

I don't think taking the additional 2 is needed unless there is no bleeding, this will only cause more bleeding and cramps.

If you flood 2 pads within an hour then call for medical advice or a&e.

Infections are rare so don't worry about that for now

Talkabtit101 Sun 14-Feb-21 23:05:22

@cranberrypie hi, I called bpas aftercare and was told to take other two tablets to insure there was no tissue left. Said I was more at risk for an infection if not all tissue came out.

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Talkabtit101 Mon 15-Feb-21 08:20:53

Hi, this morning bleeding is light, have had sharp cramps in my back that have lasted around 10 mins then gone. Feel fine in myself, just worried how light the bleeding is? When yesterday it was so heavy.

Sorry to keep posting, just worried if infections and retained products. I have done everything they've said. No heavy exercise although I have a toddler so running around is a daily activity.

Is this normal? Should I call Bpas?

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Mel1917 Mon 15-Feb-21 09:05:58

Morning @talkabtit101 this sounds completely normal. You will bleed lightly for about 10 days now. Please don’t worry yourself about infections - I actually did end up having retained products as I had to have a scan but these came away naturally 2 weeks later. (Not saying it will happen to you but even having tissue remained doesn’t necessarily mean you will get an infection our bodies are clever)

I have a 3 year old and the activity with her was fine. You might just find yourself running to the loo every now and again. Hope you are feeling ok - the worries are overwhelming I found but hope you can be reassured. X

Mel1917 Mon 15-Feb-21 09:07:23

I didn’t even bleed as much as my normal period the whole process (except the first few hours but even then was only really when I sat on the toilet) and then the week after the bleeding was nothing like a period.. so much lighter. I think this is where the worries come from x

Talkabtit101 Mon 15-Feb-21 10:31:56

@Mel1917 Hi! Thank you hun, it's just so weird isn't it, it happened so fast for me not like the 2-4 hours Bpas originally said, the process started as soon as the tablets were dissolved which was 11-15 and I passed ( what I think was ) the pregnancy at around 1:45. The toilet was red so couldn't fully see, and I just felt it come away (TMI) but it did have a white colour to it. As soon as that passed the horrific cramps ended. I had 2-3 hours of heavy bleeding, and smaller clots. And by 8pm last night the bleeding had slowed to just a regular period. I think I'm just freaked out about sepsis, or toxic shock. But I feel fine in myself and have had to do an essential shop. Also feel hungry for the first time in 2 weeks!

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yasrose91 Mon 15-Feb-21 23:16:20

hello, i am in a similar situation. i was 6 weeks and have finished all my tablets today. it took around 6-7 hours for it to happen and it felt like it was alot for how far along i was. a very big clot almost filling the palm of my hand. (tmi but i had to check as i was worried) i had almost wind like pains an hour before. now, 2 hours after this, i am still bleeding and passing clots, and now getting alot of cramps. i just dont know how much more can possibly come out or how long this will go on for! i was also sick ALOT after taking first 4 tablets orally, and felt very faint all day. hope youre feeling better though!

Talkabtit101 Tue 16-Feb-21 06:57:42

@yasrose91 Oh no, that sounds horrid! mine happened very quickly, and started almost as soon as the tablets dissolved, after I passed which I'm a using was the pregnancy the cramps went away, but Bpas said you can have them for upto 2weeks, if your concerned call the 24/7 aftercare line they are brilliant!!

I do feel better the bleeding has increased but that was to be expected. Keep us informed! x

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Talkabtit101 Tue 16-Feb-21 23:45:53

Hi, me again. Bleeding has now got heavier? I'm not flooding by any means, but it is pretty heavy at this point and I keep getting stitch in one side. Probably just panicking and it's normal but was looking to see if anyone else had this. Thank you.

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yasrose91 Wed 17-Feb-21 10:34:25

Hi, hope youre ok!
i am still bleeding, and have passed another clot this morning, which i dont know wether i should be concerned about?
still getting some mild cramping too, only very occasionally. not sure wether to ring bpas to see if this is normal? I'm assuming the body is just clearing it all out and doing what its meant to do!
feeling alot better in myself though. about to attempt my first bit of exercise after a week. Hopefully this will ease off for us soon x

Talkabtit101 Wed 17-Feb-21 10:52:29

@yasrose91 hi hun, I'm going back and forth, one minute it's ok and the next it's heavy and passing very small clots, which I assume is the tissue, also constipated too which is giving me stomach pains. I was going to ring Bpas myself today and see if they think it's al normal. I'm still cramping too, not enough for medication. But enough to send me into a panic. I thought the infection rate lowers after 48 hours. And it's coming upto 72 hours for me. Hopefully it's all over soon and we can get back to normal, I've a toddler so bed rest hasn't been an option lol. X

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Talkabtit101 Wed 17-Feb-21 16:52:55

Cramps have also started again now, why is it all coming a few days afterwards??

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