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6 weeks medical termination today

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FirstTM2020 Thu 10-Dec-20 14:11:20

Hi all,

Is there any other girls out there that have had a medical termination today and want to talk about it together?

I was 6 weeks, went in this morning and had the first tablet.

I have a 6 month old baby who was planned and currently in the process of moving to a bigger house. We believed it was just not the right time for us and were stunned to have been in this position so soon considering how careful we were. I have found it so hard to make this decision over the last 3 weeks but felt it was for the best for our family.


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KylieKangaroo Thu 10-Dec-20 17:58:34

Hope you are okay, it sounds like the right decision for you

FirstTM2020 Thu 10-Dec-20 19:20:13

@KylieKangaroo so kind. Thank you xx

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hillarypcof Thu 10-Dec-20 22:16:09

Hi @FirstTM2020! Firstly, virtual hand hold 💕

I had a medical termination at 6 weeks a couple of months ago - would love to be able to be here for you and support you just as a group of lovely ladies reached out to me when it was my time 🌺

Do you have any particular questions?
Happy to help as much as I can.

Just want to say that my procedure was nothing like the horror stories that people write about. It was textbook, and no worse than a heavy painful period! Xx

Yellowcakestand Thu 10-Dec-20 22:26:59

I had my first tablet yesterday and the next lot this morning. 6 weeks here too.
Cramping wearing off now. Hopefully majority finished.
Hope you are okay x

FirstTM2020 Thu 10-Dec-20 22:55:38

@hillarypcof that is so kind of you to reach out and sorry you had to go through a similar experience. I know we have made the right decision i just find it hard to stop thinking the 'what could of been's' if that makes sense... like would this baby have looked like my 6 month old baby... will i be lucky enough to have a second baby in the future, will karma get me! The list is endless its horrible, but i can't look back the way i know we have to go forward! Xx

@KylieKangaroo thank you for reaching out too... big hug hope your doing ok. I have the 4 tablets to take tomorrow morning... I am worried about taking them and whats to come... I just remember labour and have the fear im shitty with pain! Was it terrible the pain? Xx

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FirstTM2020 Thu 10-Dec-20 22:56:09

@Yellowcakestand so sorry that message that i tagged @KylieKangaroo in was meant for you 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

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Mumma2015 Thu 10-Dec-20 23:09:06

Hi @FirstTM2020

I never usually reply to posts but i just wanted to give you some reassurance. I was in the exact same position as you (a few years back now) 7 month old and 6 weeks pregnant. I'd just returned to work and we were 2 months into living in our first home, it was totally the wrong time.

For a little while after I often got caught up in the "what if's" and would karma come back to bite me in the bum! Well I'm here typing this with my 2 year old tucked up next to me... Karma won't be back to get you because you've done nothing wrong.

You've done what's right for your family right now. Don't look back and try to rationale things because it's all through rose tinted glasses. You'll have another one (if you want one!) when the time is right.

I hope this gives you a bit of comfort.

Take care thanks xx

FirstTM2020 Thu 10-Dec-20 23:29:55

@Mumma2015 your response to my post has been so comforting, i thank you i really mean that. 💓

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Yellowcakestand Fri 11-Dec-20 10:15:22

Hi. Good luck today, hope it goes as well as it can. I took the 4 and then 3 hours later took the next 2. It started right after that, had a few hours of painful cramps but they wore off and weren't really bad. I'm rubbish with pain too and I think that's what was worrying me the most. I've had no pain or clots today so far.

FirstTM2020 Fri 11-Dec-20 10:29:20

@Yellowcakestand so good to hear your doing ok physically... i took the 4 this morning and i began bleeding 5 minutes later. Cramps feel like early labour and passing a lot of clots but doing ok! Xx

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Yellowcakestand Fri 11-Dec-20 11:31:39

That was quick, good. Hopefully over by tea time xx
I just feel bloated and uncomfortable now. Surprisingly not feeling sick anymore. Think that may have mostly been anxiety as I had no sickness at all with my son

MoonCat77 Fri 11-Dec-20 17:02:47

Hi, I’m just waiting for my consultation next week but it’s been helpful to read these comments. Thank you for posting. It’s little different for me I’m guessing as I’m 43 and already have 2 children. I don’t want any more and feel too old but I have the same feelings of what could or might be. Despite logic telling me it’s not the right decision for me or for my family.
How long did it take after your consultations for your pills to arrive? I’m a bit concerned that my consultation is next Thursday and that I might be feeling awful over Christmas

hillarypcof Fri 11-Dec-20 17:31:38

Hi @MoonCat77, I had my consultation on the Tuesday morning, pills arrived 2 days later on the Thursday, took the first pill that day and the second lot 24 hours later. So completed the procedure on the Friday, 3 days after my call with the nurse. It was uncomfortable but no worse than a bad period. You will be fine 🌺

MoonCat77 Fri 11-Dec-20 17:34:45

Thanks! So I’m guessing pills will arrive on the Monday and the worst should be over by the Wednesday? Cutting it fine!

Crazy86 Fri 11-Dec-20 18:50:12

Hi ladies. My pills arrived yesterday. I’m about to take the first one to start the process.
Did any of you suffer any of the side effects that they list? I’ve eaten some toast in the hope having a lining on my tummy should stop me feeling sick

Sparkless Fri 11-Dec-20 19:00:05

I had a surgical termination this year as when I was young a teenager I had the tablets and it went horrendously wrong I nearly died.
However this time round was really hard I fainted but all went ok and I do have my regrets now but I listen to my head space app and that really helps me. I’m very pro choice and would never judge.
But I’ve had a massive change of heart and want to try now but I’ve just had mirena coil out now and haven’t stopped bleeding and passing clots so can’t even try now, so I’m starting to think that this is maybe my karma but you can’t think like that I suppose you make decisions in one moment in time and you have to go with it.
Hope all goes ok for you xx

FirstTM2020 Fri 11-Dec-20 19:02:18

We dont have an option for getting pills sent... the process here is to attend the hospital for a scan to confirm how far on you are then a visable yolk sac must be present to proceed with termination. You then come back and take 1st pill in hospital then take the rest home with you for the next day.

i took mine this morning at 9am im just heavy bleeding and early labour type pains. Not as bad as i half expected

Hope your all ok, sending all my love and support 💓

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Crazy86 Fri 11-Dec-20 19:06:58

Thanks @FirstTM2020. I hope you’re ok. Did you have any sickness etc? One of my major fears is being sick 🤦🏼‍♀️

That sounds horrible @Sparkless. I was hoping that they would offer a surgical but because I’m only 7w 5d they said medial was the best way.

MariaAngustias Fri 11-Dec-20 19:30:27

Please do a pregnancy test in a week or two to make sure it worked - because I know someone who had this and the pregnancy continued and she had to terminate again at 24 weeks (no option as the drug damages the foetus). I hope you are ok x

Sparkless Fri 11-Dec-20 19:40:03

@Crazy86 I was only 6 weeks they never told me that you had to be so far along, I had it done because I was scared I haemorrhage like I did when I had the tablets years ago xx
I the had the Mirena fitted straight afterwards and had it removed and I haven’t stopped bleeding I’m worried I’ve totally messed my body up now. Xx
In hindsight I would have waited before getting mirena it was a bit barbaric getting it fitted straight afterwards. And I would recommend that to anyone to wait a bit (abstinence/condoms) before messing with contraceptives again afterwards xx

Yellowcakestand Fri 11-Dec-20 22:00:12

I called then got given a telephone consultation 6 days later. I had that and then had to go to the clinic for the scan 5 days after that. I had the scan then saw another nurse and took the first tablet in the clinic and was given the rest to take home for the next day.
Cramps wore off after a few hours yesterday. A lot less bleeding today and it feels like when you get a sick bug and your stomach is sore from straining.
Funnily enough, no nausea today at all. I think the last few days was anxiety.
I didn't have any side effects. I was advised to insert the tablets rather than put in cheeks as you get less side effects that way xx

Yellowcakestand Fri 11-Dec-20 22:01:14

Was also given a pregnancy test to do in 3 weeks time and told to start my pill again straight away.

FirstTM2020 Sat 12-Dec-20 10:37:20

@Crazy86 i wont lie i did feel very sick, however didn't actually vomit... however no sickness today but just heavy bleeding and stomach cramps but manageable x

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Crazy86 Sat 12-Dec-20 17:16:48

I’ve heard if you take it straight after eating it helps and also kwells travel sickness tablets take the edge off.

Hope you are all ok.

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