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Running out of time

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Sweetwrapper Sat 28-Nov-20 10:43:18

Having found out I was pg unexpectedly, I spoke to Gp. He was helpful and said have a week to think about it and then let him know. I took a few more days as I wanted to book a scan to be clearer about dates and look at viability. Scan was ok, but put me at 8 wks 2 days, which was slightly further along than I thought. The next day I phoned gp, who said don’t phone us, phone bpas. I contacted them straight away and now have an appointment fr a week thurs. by which point I will 9 plus 2. Starting to feel worried I will be out of time to have a choice. Feeling very upset about whole situation, and very guilty.

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BaaHumbugg Sat 28-Nov-20 20:15:36

You still have plenty of time, I know it is hard when you are in this period of uncertainty. I hope you are ok, it's normal to feel upset and you should by no means fel guilty about it if it's what you want.

eyestotheskies Sat 28-Nov-20 21:59:33

Hi OP, all I would say is it depends where you live as to what your treatment options may be. I couldn’t go through with taking the pills at home and then discovered that where I live the only alternative was survival with a local anaesthetic only and only up to 12 weeks, and if I wanted sedation or GA I would have to travel to London (a long way for me).

Apparently Covid has caused many clinics to close or change what type of services they can provide, may be worth checking first

And don’t feel guilty if you know it’s right for you x

eyestotheskies Sat 28-Nov-20 22:00:01

*surgical not survival...

laura212 Sun 29-Nov-20 08:47:10

I think it depends on what you feel comfortable with doing. If you’re certain about your decision, you can have the medical past 9/10 weeks also. As previous poster said, lots of clinics are closed or limiting their services so depending on that and which provider you would go with, you might still have a medical beyond 10 weeks or surgical. Legally, you can terminate a pregnancy for any reason up to 24 weeks.
If you’re alright with your decision to terminate then I would assume you would still be able to do the medical at that gestation. It really depends on you, what you feel comfortable with doing ect.. entirely your decision. good luck

eyestotheskies Sun 29-Nov-20 12:26:42

There was no option of having the medical procedure post 9+6 as this would have to take place in the clinic which was not offering this service due to Covid.

Hope you’re ok op. X

Sweetwrapper Sun 29-Nov-20 23:12:16

Thanks for all the replies, no I am not certain at all about my decision... this would be baby no. 4, after a difficult 3rd pg and birth, as well as having just returned to work. I really never imagined that I would be in this situation, but I guess that’s true for many others too. I guess I will have to wait to hear about the options on thurs and take it from there ...

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ZAK3 Mon 30-Nov-20 00:37:39

Hi@Sweetwrapper I had booked in for a NIPT & when it came to it I just couldn’t deal with waiting for the results & then choosing to go ahead with the abortion because i just didn’t know exactly when that would be, literally felt like I was running out of time its such a shit situation it was also pg #4 for me , in the end i had surgical at exactly what you said 9+2 this was pre covid though, I really hope this week goes ok for you xxxx

laura212 Mon 30-Nov-20 07:50:22

How do you feel about the pregnancy? It’s difficult making a decision in this situation. Maybe take the time to really figure out what you want to to do because once it’s done it can’t be undone.
BPAS offers the medical termination up to 10 weeks, so does Marie Stopes. Have you had a discussion with your partner?
It’s worth bearing in mind that not every pregnancy is the same and you may feel better on this one. Ultimately I think it’s deciding what you feel ok with, what’s best for you and what you’ll be able to live with.

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