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Medical termination

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Sxox Wed 25-Nov-20 22:29:34

Hi ladies

Please no judging as am already very upset and sensitive!!

I had medical abortion last week , I was about 6weeks(first pill on Tuesday and then the rest on Thursday) when I got out hosp after having medication on Tuesday I was unwell hot cold shivers exhausted but no bleeding or cramping, I went back and had the second set on Thursday and after I felt fine no bleeding or cramping at all I felt completely normal. Ever since I’ve had no cramping at all haven’t had to take any pain relief and hardly any bleeding! I’ve bleed but not heavy or like period. I’m panicking!!!

Please help! Thankyou xox

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Mel1917 Thu 26-Nov-20 19:18:27

Hope you are OK i know you've said you are upset. Handhold here. I would call whoever you've been given to contact? As it doesn't sound like you have passed anything however not everyone's experience is horrific as some story's. Did you pass any clots? X

AmIpg Thu 26-Nov-20 19:21:02

Definitely contact someone, it doesn't sound like it's worked?

Sxox Thu 26-Nov-20 20:26:05


Thanks ladies for replying it’s so horrific I feel so down atm with everything, I’ve not passed any big clots at all I’ve not bleed at all today and it’s not even been a week since it happened. I’ve to go into the hosp tomorrow for scan. I’m actually dreading it. I feel horrible for doing it but my circumstances atm aren’t good at all and this just makes me feel absolutely awful.

Thanks girls x

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Mel1917 Thu 26-Nov-20 21:21:16

Totally know how you must feel. At least you are going in tomorrow and can get some answers. Fingers crossed for you.

AmIpg Thu 26-Nov-20 22:33:36

Good luck Sox. Let us know how it goes. X

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