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Reapthechances Mon 16-Nov-20 23:22:43

Just curious if anyone has felt angry before an abortion not about the abortion its self but all the waiting, im about 6 weeks pregnant now and i feel sick all the time, dizzy and super tired i just want this to be over with but ive only just got to the phone consultation which took 2 weeks to get too i just feel like everything is going so slowly.

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user1483390189 Tue 17-Nov-20 19:05:58

Yes. I feel the same. Although I have been through alot of guilt and greif to get here. Once I / we made the decision the waiting has been awful. 9 days for the consultation and still a call with the nurse to to and receiving the pills. Whilst I agree it's not something to do lightly or a form of contraception there should be a process to make things quicker. I think it's just an unlucky time as I've read other posts with someone going from finding out to post termination in 5 days. X

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