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tryingtoadvise Thu 14-Feb-19 14:43:21

So my DIL and son have come to me and she is (accidentally) pregnant 5 weeks and 5 days estimated.

They're not really in a position to have a baby, she's just finished uni and has been offered a job at a company she wants to work for. She's not started yet.

They have asked my advice, but I can't give it can I? I've said it's up to them to make a decision and whatever they make I will support them.

They're asking me how will they cope? Honestly I don't know, unfortunately i can't financially help much and I won't be able to look after baby for them to both work as I also work full time.

What can I say?

If they do go down the termination route, what can she expect?

If they don't, will they be entitled to benefits or anything?


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