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Not sure who to turn too

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RedOliver77x Mon 11-Feb-19 03:20:56

Im not sure if i am posting on the right thread but i feel as though i have nowhere to turn.
In may i was raped.
I have concealed my pregnancy. I found out later on myself. I considered abortion but my mind has been all over and i feel i am now stuck in a situation i dont know how to get out of. I dont want to keep the baby. I would like the baby to be fostered or adopted, i know i cant look after the baby. I have no room and wouldng be able to afford another baby and i know due to the circumstances i wouldnt be able to bond right away.. My biggest concern is if i contact social care, what would happen to my children? I am scared they will take them away. They are my world and evdryone who knows me knows they are what i live for.

PremierNaps Mon 11-Feb-19 04:06:45

Hi OP didn't want to read and run. I don't think social services would take your children away from you. They may want to make sure you are ok but unlikely to take your children away. flowers sorry this has happened to you OP.

MaverickSnoopy Mon 11-Feb-19 04:42:30

So you're 8 months pregnant now - do people know you're pregnant now? Have you seen any medical professionals? If not then please phone your doctors in the morning and explain the situation. Just tell the receptionist that you're 8 months pregnant and haven't yet seen a medical professional - ignore if they get snotty and just said you didn't know. You can explain when you see a doctor.

Have you had any rape counselling? I'm sorry that you have been, and are going through, such a traumatic experience. I think counselling might help you to process everything that is happening in your life.

I doubt very much that SS would take away your children. Did you know the person who raped you? Are they still around? SS want to protect children so if the person who raped you is in your children's lives they will want to see you protect your children.

I think it's important that you ask for help and explain how you are feeling. Whilst I am sure you know yourself best, you should try to consider that counselling may help you to process everything and that it might make you feel differently about adoption (or it might not, especially under the circumstances).

Please do reach out to people. They will want to help you.

AnyaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 13-Feb-19 12:14:37

Hi there OP,

We really hope you're OK flowers

We hope you don't mind, we're going to move this to Pregnancy Choices now, we think you'll get better support there.

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