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Life after pre term labour scare, what's off limits?

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Maxymoo1 Sat 09-Feb-19 18:53:28

Hi everyone,

So I'm 28 weeks pregnant today - very happy to finally be in the third trimester (after two early miscarriages it's been a long road)!

At 26 and a half weeks I had a pre term labour scare, contractions throughout the night which did stop by the morning and were moderately painful so not full contractions. I went to hospital and although my cervix was closed I tested positive for labour within 48 hours, this test is apparently 60/40 accurate so I was sent to a specialist hospital in pre term labour to have various injections as a precaution. I passed every test there and was told it was basically a false alarm and there is no reason I shouldn't go full term.

After 3 days in hospital I was sent home and was told to carry on with life as normal, not needing to make any changes. I am taking it a bit easier anyway but am wondering about anything sex related... I've read that orgasms can cause contractions but is this closer to due date? My midwife again yesterday said nothing I need to avoid in life but we didn't talk specifics...

Any advice? thank you!

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