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Pregnant, worried and thank info muy abortion

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kaixo Mon 04-Feb-19 18:32:06

First I need to tell about my story with pregnancy. I had a miscarriage and I suffered a lot. Then my second pregnancy was high risk, horrible because I had trombophilia and needed twice a day injections in my belly to avoid blood clots. Every day was a torture and I was not sure if my baby will survive. Had an scare of pre term labor and at the end had an emergency c section because of fetal suffer. I almost die, had problemas with anesthesia and my heart during the c section. Secretely I wanted another baby but I know the risk and toll for my body is awful and the baby and myself could die. My daughter asks for a sister, she is 4 years old. Now because the pill failed I am pregnant and I realize I can’t handle another pregnancy suffering every day hoping the baby is alive and hasn’t die, taking medicines, injections, etc. Last time I also hay post partum depression. I can’t go through this again. I am 38 and don’t want the chance of dying and leaving my daughter. Never thought to consider abortion, because all the suffer I had with my miscarriage and here I am hoping to have a miscarriage or an abortion. Anyone understand this? I am 6 weeks and I had been crying every day since I found out. Still hasn’t tell my husband because we also had money problems and I lost my job a couple of months ago.

kaixo Mon 04-Feb-19 20:57:25

Sorry of the title, autocorrect made some chances and don’t know how to chance it.

Angelinthenightx Tue 26-Mar-19 19:05:58

Hi, what did u end up doing? Hope that your in a better place than from when u posted this x

ventalot Wed 27-Mar-19 00:29:28

So sorry you're going through all of this OP, how are you doing now? I hope you're feeling much better x

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