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How do I know if it's passed?

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delacruz Thu 24-Jan-19 14:13:33

This my 100th post on here (slight exaggeration) but everyone is so helpful!

I had a medical termination on Tuesday at 6weeks I had the tablets all in one day, I had them at 1pm had bad cramps and started bleeding just after 5pm, I lost one clot that wasn't too large but around 9pm I felt like I need the toilet so I went and pushed but also pushed a clot out with what looked like an oval white thing, I wiped and more was on the tissue but it was hard and crumbled, an hour after that the pain completely disappeared and I've had no clots since, the bleeding had died down but it's still there and more pink/jelly like! I'm panicking it's not worked and I'll have to go through all of it again :-(

Amy326 Thu 24-Jan-19 20:34:03

I think you have already passed it by the sounds of it. I’ve miscarried and had an early termination and both times it was like this, clots and some white-ish tissue. The pain reduces a lot once it’s passed so that was probably it. Obviously you might still bleed on and off though (or you might not). Sorry you’ve had to go through it it’s not nice but hopefully it’s over now x

delacruz Thu 24-Jan-19 21:58:43

Thanks @Amy326 it was such a hard decision but definitely the right one! I've read so many horror stories online so I was comparing to everyone else who lost lots of clots whereas I only had 2 and they wasn't that large! Thank you for replying! X

Amy326 Thu 24-Jan-19 22:13:35

No problem, there are lots of horror stories but everyone is different and what you’ve described sounds normal and similar to what I’ve experienced twice! Fingers crossed for you but also be prepared to pass more in the days to come - with my miscarriage I thought it was all out, pain had settled and bleeding was just like a period after one very painful day and losing a big clot, but 4 days later I felt a big gush and some tissue came out. After that it was over but it took me by surprise. So just keep wearing a pad and stay near toilets for a few days yet. Good luck x

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