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Think I'm pregnant but really is not the right time 😑

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Lp300 Tue 22-Jan-19 04:32:35

I'm so so so so stupid!! Myself and my husband agreed no more children. We have a almost 4 year old and one year old and both births were fairly complicated with the second resulting in me having two blood transfusions. I'm quite short and petite so definately struggled carrying as I tend to grow big babies for my size, 8lb9 10 days overdue and 7lb9 at 39weeks. I have am also just about to start a new job 😮 we had a Lil mishap with a condom so I went straight to the chemist the next morning and got the emergency contraception but was told because of where I was in my cycle there was a 50% chance it would be unsuccessful and could still end up pregnant. Both of my pregnancies were planned and it conceived quickly. Since having second child I haven't been on any contraception, keep meaning to get the injection but last time I came on or so I thought was xmas when the clinic would have been closed. I bled early on in my second pregnancy so am doubting if it was my period. If I am pregnant I would be 4-5weeks. I'm really scared to take a test. Reason I think I might be is, flutters in lower abdomen where ovaries are, increased cm, heartburn and a headache which I only usual get headaches when I'm pregnant but guessing that could be stress. Arrrrggghhh I'm so scared xxxxx

Lp300 Tue 22-Jan-19 04:37:14

*I am also
I* conceived quickly.

blackcat86 Tue 22-Jan-19 04:54:00

Can you get a clear blue digital early detection test? I prefer them as there are no line eyes. Mine worked 3 days before my period was due but then we were TTC. I think you need to bite the bullet and find out either way. Then you really need to get your contraception sorted if you're not imminently planning another baby. Have you thought about the implant?

Lp300 Tue 22-Jan-19 05:05:59

I'm a bit squeamish about having a implant in my arm and my friends implant got stuck in her arm and had to have it cut out 😑 yep I will get a clear blue in the morning. My DH is going away with work tomorrow until Thursday 😑 I can't sleep for worrying x

Lp300 Tue 22-Jan-19 10:54:20

It's ok false alarm. Was mega panicking xxx

Blueflower22 Tue 05-Feb-19 15:12:56

@Lp300 why does the reliability of the pill decrease to 50%, where abouts were you in your cycle?

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