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Same day medical

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delacruz Thu 17-Jan-19 14:37:59

Ladies who had the same day medical termination, how was it for you, any side effects? Did it work? Think my biggest fear is that it doesn't work and I have to go back :-(

Due to go in next Tuesday for it I should be around 6w 5days does this make a difference?


3babyxx Thu 17-Jan-19 16:40:33

Iv had miscarriages not sure if it's the same
But I also had the surgical awake this week .. and I would defiantly recommend! X

GreenTangerine Thu 17-Jan-19 20:07:15

Hi. I had one privately at around 6wks. I can not fault the clinic in any way but it didn’t work. I thought it had, because I had an episode when I sort of fainted in the bathroom later that night and there was some bleeding. Of course you need to wait 2-3 weeks to have a negative test to know it’s worked, so by the time I’d faffed with that and the doctors had worked out what had happened I was pushing 10 weeks. I had the choice to go back to the private clinic (England) or wait for the NHS local to me (Scotland). In the end I opted to stay at home but I do really regret this. I had only used the same day medical option because I was time and money constrained with it being private. My local NHS trust doesn’t offer same day for this reason; it is not as effective. Had I looked at it properly for not much more money I could have had surgical and saved the awful experience of then having had to go through a medical at almost 13 weeks (my local hospital is a 12 week cut off for surgical, after that the only option is 13 weeks). The second medical was effective but it took 3 days of the second set of pills they give you being administered every 4 hours. They also gave me the first pill 48 hours before starting the process with the second set of pills. Maybe it’s my biological makeup or something but I would never recommend a medical let alone a same day to anyone. I realise what happened to me is really uncommon but it has had some unexpected knock on effects (emotional).

GreenTangerine Thu 17-Jan-19 20:08:30

Sorry that should have said after 12 weeks the only option is medical!

Lammoshay Sat 26-Jan-19 02:17:15

I had terminaton at 6 weeks and it didn’t work- I went through process and it didn’t fully come away/ so I had to go into hospital for the day and have more medical management until they were sure it had passed.
Was traumatic I’m not going to lie sad
It was worse than then the first process.

delacruz Sat 26-Jan-19 12:44:05

Hi @Lammoshay so sorry that you had to go through that! Can I ask did you have any indication that it didn't work? I dont feel pregnant anymore and I am still bleeding. My worse fear is that is hasn't worked and I'll have to go back x

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