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Bpas and scans?

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delacruz Tue 15-Jan-19 13:27:24

I'm due to have a termination next Tuesday at bpas, I'll be 7w 6days, I'm fine with having a termination I know it's the right thing to do and bringing a baby into our family is not right for us! I already have 2dc's one who is disabled and many other reasons why I want this termination, but I'd also like to see the screen when they scan me and possibly have s picture? Is this something they allow?

Thank you

3babyxx Tue 15-Jan-19 18:21:24

Hi Iv just had a termination at bpas today
They let you seen the screen if you want too
But I'm not sure about a picture .. X

delacruz Tue 15-Jan-19 21:13:32

Thank you @3babyxx! Did you have surgical or medical? Although I feel so guilty for doing this I know it's the right decision but this baby is/was apart of my
Life and I don't want it to just be forgotten! Hope you're okay! Xx

3babyxx Tue 15-Jan-19 22:47:33

I have 3 children and really couldn't have another . I had a surgical awake ..
I know what you mean but I also know i was the right decision for me .
Hope your ok xx

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