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My experience - it's not so bad

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ncf0rthis Mon 14-Jan-19 23:17:09

I just wanted to counter the horror story posts. Found out when I was 1 week late on my period, called BPAS the next day and got an appointment for 2 weeks time (the earliest they could do). Had the first appointment they could do at 9:40 (would recommend as I was out by lunch time), measured at 6+5 and opted for medical, coming back the next day for the second pill. After first pill, felt nothing - no pain, sickness, bleeding, however did feel a bit nauseous in the morning getting out of the shower and some cramping in the afternoon. Went back into the clinic at around 3pm and was told these are good signs as it means the first tablet is working. Self- inserted the 4 small tablets and left the clinic. You’re given a big pad, however I would recommend wearing a night pad with it as it leaks through (it doesnt hve the sticky barrier like normal pads- they’re called Dr Whites if you want to google them they sell them in boots). I could drive home and within half an hour I could feel cramps. Not awful, but pain. I had taken ibuprofen 30 mins before inserting and took paracetamol when I got home. I REALLY recommend using a hot water bottle as I think this really helped with the pain. Bleeding started quite shortly after, the pain was not terrible or crippling, it was just like bad period pains. It took 7 hours to pass the main ‘clots’ (I didn’t look but that’s just what it felt like) and there was no pain attached. I bled for 2 weeks. Took the bpas test 2 weeks after the procedure and it came back negative although I was worried as I thought I had flooded it. BPAS say if you have not had a period within 6 weeks you must go back to the clinic. I hadn’t come on by 5.5 weeks so I went to the clinic to do another test, which came back negative. Low and behold 3 days later my period starts. Wanted to post this but wait until I was fully in the clear. Just want to reassure anyone looking on this topic for experience stories they are not all bad. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not great, but for me, nothing like the experiences I had read about online.

cherieamore Thu 31-Jan-19 13:16:48

Thank you for posting this.

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