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I know I am an idiot

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whatanidiot1111 Mon 14-Jan-19 11:10:00

Please go easy on me - although I know I deserve a barrel of abuse.

I have a 5 year old with my ex. I left him a couple of years ago due to his drinking/gambling and I moved closer to be with my family which is 200 miles from him. He agreed to this and we came to an amicable agreement that he took our child every 6 weeks for 4-6 days to his hometown. He lives with his sister and her kids so is supervised at all times.

Over the course of the last few months we've grown closer but I knew that I never wanted to get back with him as I couldn't face going through what I did before and it wouldn't be fair on our child.

He came to collect our child a few days after Xmas to spend new year and due to train times he stayed overnight. Due to a god awful decision we ended up sleeping together. We used protection but I found out yesterday I am pregnant so it's failed.

I've no other option but to terminate. I can't bring another child into this world like this or with him.

Please someone tell me it will be ok.

Hadalifeonce Mon 14-Jan-19 11:14:18

Oh, OP I do really feel for you; it must be an awful decision to have to make. BUT you know it's the right one, you used protection, so obviously didn't want to be pregnant.

Another child would be wrong for both of you, the emotional and financial stress would not be good for you or your DC.

Good luck OP

whatanidiot1111 Mon 14-Jan-19 11:23:12

Thank you for your understanding. I just don't know what to expect. It's so selfish of me I know but I can't bring another child into this situation.

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