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namechange0123 Fri 21-Dec-18 10:18:01

Name changed as obvious.

I have a 18 months old DS and I have suffered very bad PND. I have been taking sertraline for more than one year and done several months of therapy. I'm just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sertraline has made my periods more regular (30 days) than before (37-45). This month I am already 8 days late. DH swears nothing has ever happened (we use condoms) but I don't even have symptoms. I bought a test but I'm terrified to take it.

I can't have another pregnancy, I take antidepressants, have done anaesthesia for dental cleaning and we can't afford another baby. I would have to have a termination in case of BFP. Anyone to tell me what the steps to take? sad

Bigonesmallone3 Fri 21-Dec-18 10:19:44

Surely first port of call is a pregnancy test..

Xuli Fri 21-Dec-18 10:24:31

First you do need to take the test. Sometimes worry can make your period late so there is a good chance it could be that.

If you are pregnant and you don't want to be you will not be the first or last woman to have a contraceptive failure so please don't feel bad about it.

You can either go to your GP or call BPAS or Marie Stopes and ask for their advance. There are different options, medical or surgical, that can happen at different times. They will be able to talk you through what is available in your area and what might be the most suitable for you.

Syslik Fri 21-Dec-18 10:26:23

You may be worrying over nothing if you are not pregnant.Your period may be late for a different reason.Just brave it and do the test then you know where to stand.Good luck and let us know how you got on x

jessstan2 Fri 21-Dec-18 10:42:40

Please do a pregnancy test. I hope you are not pregnant, namechanged. You know that periods can be irregular/late for no particular reason so we can hope for the best but there's no point in you worrying about it , worry could delay period even more - so do the test! Best of luck x.

namechange0123 Sun 23-Dec-18 06:15:32

6 minutes and nothing has appeared (besides the control line). Not even my period! But ok !

namechange0123 Sun 23-Dec-18 06:15:58

I'm still shaking...

Bigonesmallone3 Sun 23-Dec-18 18:50:52

This is good.. ur period may follow now a weight has been lifted..
If not see a GP

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