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Torn on what to do. Heartbroken

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crunchymommy Tue 13-Nov-18 14:27:02

So I've got a colourful past pregnancy wise. Accidental pregnancy at 16 had my daughter. Years of infertility and Clomid for my son. More clomid cyclrs ended in 3 mcs an ectopic and a late mc a little girl at 19 weeks. I then miraculously had another son without fertility treatment and he's now 17 month. In on the implant and have just found out in pregnant. I can't afford another baby though. I get no tax credits for my youngest so we already struggle. DH works 40 hours and I stay home with the kids. I just couldn't afford another baby but after infertility and mcs and cremating my baby girl how on earth can I face the guilt of an abortion?!?! My heart is broken. Just needed to get this off my chest sorry.

melissagabrielle Tue 20-Nov-18 07:56:37

I feel so sorry for you, I think you should talk this through with someone to make the right choice, but I can understand having to make the right choice for the children you have who need your financial support x

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